Tuesday, November 15, 2011


“SOUTH” is such a lovely word don’t ya think !!  But I tell you ‘getting there’ isn’t half the fun in this case.

You can tell by the title of this post that yes indeed I did make it across the Border.  But not without been drilled and grilled and fried and near bludgeoned to death – that is my nerves got a serious beating.  Jeeze, They did everything to me but feed me.

So first was the Border guy.  CLEARLY they have records of how long a person stay in the good ol’ US of A.  He asked the normal questions but when he started on when was the last time I was in the States etc. etc. I knew I was in for trouble !!

I remained calm (although my heart was beating a mile a minute !) and answered all his questions honestly.  It’s useless for me to lie anyways because I’m terrible at it !  Then he writes out this ‘slip’ and tells me to pull over there by that young lady who is going look in my rig and I was to ‘report to the office’.  Now for sure I knew I WAS GOING TO BE THROWN IN JAIL.

The young lady comes into the rig and actually she was pleasant enough.  Asked me a gazillion questions but I think Bennie won her over and she didn’t give me any trouble.  Now to the OFFICE !!

Still remaining calm (on the outside) off I go to the Office.  Another lady border person starts asking me more questions.  Would go away and come back saying she had a few more questions.  She did that a couple of times.  Then she gives me this form to fill out !!!  At this point I’m thinking that being frikkin’ froze to death may not be so bad afterall !! 

Then a male border person asks if my rig is open and off he goes to do whatever it is they do and look for.  Yes folks, a SECOND search of my rig.  Then I see the lady border person going into a private office and had a LONG talk with someone.  Next thing the BOTH of them come out (a Supervisor I’m thinking) saying they just have a few more questions.  At this point I say to her “Have I done anything wrong ?”  She says no, they just need to determine with certainty that I have a Canadian residence etc. etc. etc.

The male guy comes back obviously not finding any GUNS OR DRUGS OR STOLEN OBJECTS ‘cause there ain’t nothing like that in my rig.

And FINALLY (about 45 minutes at least !!) they tell me I can go.  WHEW !!

I got into my rig and smoked about 10 cigarettes in a row !!  I swear all this relaxing, travelling, retiring life kinda stuff is gonna kill me !!


  1. Oh, my God, that's awful! I have to say I'm not excited to cross any borders. I don't even have a passport yet. It just doesn't seem to be worth it. Of course, I'm already here in the USA, but it's big enough for me for now, and I don't have a reason to leave. Thank God!!!

    But now you're here and safe and you can relax. :)

  2. Holy cow girl. What a nightmare that was. So glad you got across that border. Is it warmer now?

  3. I bet you are exhausted tonight after the grilling you went through at the border. They really make you feel like a criminal---WOW--glad you survived----sure hope you get warm soon.
    Lovely day on the coast---however only a high of 5 c---more rain tomorrow.

    Take care, Lynn, Vancouver.

  4. Sounds like an ordeal for sure, only the criminals have it easy at the border!! Good luck with your travels and Judy says "if we win the big one, we'll join ya"!!

  5. Weird is all I can say. We've never encountered that type of interrogation when crossing into the U.S. I always bring along copies of our latest Property Tax Notice, Assessment Notice and a few bills just in case we get asked questions about returning!

  6. Last year D.... I went through the same process and was in the office for a good hour while unknown to me they where searching my unit....when I was told I could leave I met the 2 Officers who took my keys and said I thought you wanted to look through the trailer.....they handed me the keys and said we already did.....

    All of this was done with politeness but the feeling that you where being looked upon suspiciously was very unnerving.

  7. It's actually kind of comforting to know that our northern borders are being monitored (sorry about the inconvenience), but they really need to be as diligent about our southern borders--all borders, in fact.

    That said, I LOVE the Wenatchee area. I once stayed close by in Leavenworth at the Icicle River RV park. Beautiful mountains up that way. Enjoy. And, welcome to the warmth!

  8. Man oh man I aint crossin no borders. I quit going to Mexico before it got dangerous cause they always thought I was Mexican and would always ask me if I had a green card. I would show them my drivers license, but back then they didn't have pictures. I just quit going there. But I was thinking about going to Canada because I may still have relatives there. But I think I will just skip that trip to. :)
    Glad you made it.

  9. Thats ridiculous. Border guards love to exert their power.

    Do they make you show vet papers for bennie?

    I once had a canadian patrol guard demand Tiggers vaccination papers. I didn't think to bring them. He finally let us through after 10 minutes of begging and pleading.