Friday, November 25, 2011




Beautiful day today although a bit windy.

I moved early this morning and found a spot closer to the road.  The couple in the Class A that was close by must have laughed their heads off though looking at me.  Who knew finding just the right ‘direction’ to be parked in would be so difficult.

I must have gone around in circles in this spot several times.  You see I want the morning sun coming in through the big front window in order to heat the rig – I want the rear positioned so that it would be easy to get the bike out – I want the side with the awning to be positioned so that I could sit and watch the sun set – blah blah blah.  After many different tries I think I got it.

My back yard……..


My ‘morning’ side yard.


My ‘afternoon’ side yard………


PRIOTITIES first though – get the bike out !!


Ready to go….


And she’s out !!


Too bad I couldn’t get a closer pic of this.  Two people on three wheeler bicycles (two wheels in the front) and one with a basket on the back with a dog in it. Click to make the pic larger and you will see them.


I have several projects to get done while I’m settled here.  I bought this insulation and I plan on doing all of the backs of all the cupboards and closets with it.  I had done that in my Class C and had forgotten about it.  The DEEP COLD in Osoyoos reminded me that I had not done it in this rig !!  LOL  I would open a closet door and it would be very cold in there.


I also bought a curtain for the garage door.  This door has a small window in it and I thought a small curtain would be nice so that you can’t see in.  Well, again, the DEEP COLD in Osoyoos made me realize that perhaps a full length one would be better to keep the drafts out.


Later in the day I did end up putting it up.  Now nobody had better come by with a level ‘cause I doubt very much that the rod is put up very straight !!


I also purchased a vent cover at Camping World on my way down here.  I have two vents that don’t have covers but I just got one for now.  This one will go over the vent in the garage.  It was a bit gusty today so that project will be for another day. I gotta find that U-Tube video that I watched awhile back that shows how to install this.


Jeeze,  Where are Paul and Bob and Lawrence (my riding buds from last year) when you need them !!

When I went to take the bike out today I noticed that my prized possession had fallen off the wall.


Byron, I believe you were with me when I got that at the HD dealer in Ontario.  Remember ?  Anyhoo, That got secured back up on the wall.  Thankfully the glass didn’t break when it fell.

I did make two trips into Town today to dispense of some garbage and to fill some water jugs.  Truth really is that it was just an excuse to get a wee ride in.

The stars in the sky tonight are amazing.  There are just some things that a picture cannot capture.

G’Night Folks !




  1. Well, looks like yer half settled away and ready to ride, the heck with all the work stuff and get out there in that glorious sunshine!! I noticed all the tire tracks in the first picture and I would have figured that one out, LMFAO at me I do!!
    Have fun and be safe ! BTW I do remember you buying the plauque

  2. I love it when new people come in to the campsite to park. Makes for an hour or two of entertainment sometimes. Glad to see you are nicely settled for a few weeks. We do worry about you. Have a great time. LMJ

  3. LMJ, You sure would have had your entertainment watching me then. In the rig - out of the rig - in the rig------

  4. But once you find that perfect position, it was so worth all the work. Enjoy and relax. You deserve it now.

  5. Oh thanks for the tip on using reflectix inside of the cabinets. You are right, they are COLD in the winter! But I hadn't thought of using it there. I have it over my big window & the two side windows on the overhead cab where I sleep in my ClassC. I like it, I can take it out & pop it back when needed. It made a huge difference this summer in the heat & I slept better in the morns.
    Glad you got positioned just right too! And I'm also glad the mirror did't break. Not only is it an HD, but 7 years bad luck!! ;-)