Thursday, November 24, 2011



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A great driving day – well it was only a few hours but great nonetheless.  The I-10E sure was busy though.  A steady stream of traffic all the way.  LOTS of RV’s and mostly the toy hauler kind.  Humongous big Class A’s towing these humongous big trailers – and I mean the triple axle kind.  Figure they were loaded with quads and dirt bikes.  I saw a lot of this also…..

01 02

Small trucks towing small trucks and both were very loaded down.  This surely cannot be safe ??  Vendors going to Q perhaps ??


Only 5 more miles to go…………


It was 3:00PM before I settled into my spot though.  I had to do the tanks and my fresh water seems to take forever to fill up.  Then I decided to check out the other boondocking areas around here instead of simply going back to the one I was at last year (Plomosa Rd.). 

While checking out one I got chatting with this couple from Manitoba.  WELL !!  When he found out I was from NL I thought he was going to shake my hand off.  LOL  Turns out their daughter-in-law is from NL also.  Then when she found out I was travelling alone, driving ‘DA HULK by myself AND ride a motorcycle – well I doubt that her jaw has closed yet.  What a nice couple. 

And what a set-up they’ve got.  They are here for the winter and don’t have to move.  He’s got a gizmo rigged up for their grey and black tanks and fresh water etc.; solar panels – the works !  I’ll have to drop back to see them when I get the bike out.


Bennie gave my lap a rest today and seemed quite content to lay on his blankie on the floor – his Harley Davidson blankie of course.



For one reason or another I decided against the other three boondocking spots I checked out and did end up back on Plomosa Rd.  Got myself in a nice spot a little farther in off the road than I was last year.  But as soon as I parked I realized I will have to move tomorrow.  There is no way on earth am I  going to be able to ride the bike out to the paved road from where I am now.  So I will have to park in a spot closer to the road.  Here’s a few pics of my surroundings….




A month from now (or even earlier) these areas will be full of RV’s.


  1. Thanks for the pics. Is that your floorboard that Bennie is laying on & it has an outlet there too? And white carpeting in the cockpit? wow. Oh & Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Looks good! I'm in Yuma now, heading toward Quartzsite. I'm a total newbie, and can't wait to see what it's all about. Maybe we'll meet up! Have fun. :)

  3. Look at all that open desert. But you definitely need to be parked where you can get out on the bike. How long do you plan on being there?

  4. TexCyn, Yes, That is the floor and the carpeting is not exactly 'white' but it sure is light - kind of a light beige. There are TWO outlets in that area and they are the ones that run of the inverter.

    Barbara, Nothing happening here right now. Nice and quiet. In January it will be madness !! But if you do come here please let me know. Love to meet you and Katie. Bennie and Katie can have a play date - we just won't tell Ivory !!

    Sandie, Gonna hang here until I have to move in order to get the tanks done. That should be 1-2 weeks.

  5. Are you sure you have enough room for your rig there?? Glad you made it safely.

  6. Mrs. Tang, You've got to stop taking those drugs that make you hallucinate so much !! LOL But seein' as you did such a fine job of getting me here I will give you a few days off !

    Rick, Yup, Plenty of room here. Come January it will be a different story !!

  7. We are jealous. maybe some day we will make it there for the winter and go shopping at Quartsite.

  8. HOORAAA! Glad you made it and one more move which will take maybe 30 min. and you will be set for awhile. Have a good rest. It's still cloudy this morning but it should clear up in a few hours. It was nice out at 6:30 am when walking Fred.