Wednesday, November 23, 2011



A beautiful and hot day here in Palm Desert.  Current temperature at 1:00PM was 75F/24C.  Loves it I do !! At one point, while driving around today, the temperature on the dash showed 87F. (UPDATE:  At 7:00PM I still have the windows open !)

It was so nice to wake up knowing I didn’t have to get on the road. Last night I didn’t even need the heat on at all during the evening.   Although I’m sure the furnace cut in overnight as I had it set to 60F.

Had a great lazy morning just putzing around and making phone calls.  Doing laundry right now and still have several other errands to do after that.  Then back to Wally’s for the rest of the day and tonight.

Got lost trying to get to the laundry place and even more lost trying to get back.  But because of that I did get to see a bit of the area.  One word comes to mind = MANICURED.  It truly is beautiful here with all the palm trees and flowers and the gardeners and sprinklers were very busy.  Now let me remind you it’s almost the end of November !!


All the street names I saw were named after celebrities ie. Bob Hope Drive; Frank Sinatra Drive etc.

When I was getting ready to pull out this morning my jacks would not retract ??  Don’t know what was up with that ?  I did check to make sure the engine was running and the hand brake was on as it’s supposed to be.  Then went out to look at the jacks and didn’t see anything obvious.  Tried the buttons several times with no luck.  Turned the engine off and on several times.  Finally I pressed the button and they retracted.  Still don’t know what the problem was so I will definitely have to get that checked out.

Because of that delay getting going I got a little present - A lady pulled into the parking lot right in front of me and came up to my rig this morning and gave me FREE 4 days/3 nights at several different RV Resorts - the closest one being Colorado River Oasis in Ehrenberg. So I'll definitely take advantage of that at some point over the next month or so. Gotta endure a 60 minute presentation to get this as these are membership resorts but for 3 free nights I think I can do that.

On to Quartzsite tomorrow to rest and relax for a week or so – AND get some riding in ~~


  1. Glad to see your jacks retracted - that would have been a real pain.

    Hope the great weather continues for you in Quartzite!

  2. Jacks can be a real pain. Just ask me. Glad you were able to get on the road again. We've sat through some of those presentations and it wasn't so bad. Just don't buy.

  3. ...and get some ridin in!! PERFECT!


  4. Good to hear you got some rest and are now enjoying the weather. It has been beautiful down here also.
    Enjoy Q and Have a wonderful USA Thanksgiving.

  5. Rick and Paulette are in Palm Desert too. Check out their blog. They are from Canada too.

  6. I'm jealous of the nice weather you're having, but glad that you have arrived safely in better weather for you. lmj

  7. Happy American Thanksgiving---you finally found the heat you were so anxious to have !!!!!

    Enjoy---it's raining AGAIN in Vancouver---what else is new !!!!!!


  8. Happy Thanksgiving! I'll be following you to Quartzsite, I'm mostly curious about that place...well, following you virtually that is..
    Glad you got those jacks retracted!

  9. TexCyn, There's simply no describing Quartzsite - it's something you just have to 'experience'. It's quiet here right now but in a few weeks it will be busting with activity.

  10. I have stayed at that RV park. No TV, NO cell, if you pay $$$ you can get cable. Watch the overhead when you enter the park, at the Check in, guard shack over hang is very low. I did not like this park at all.To me, rather boondock than to go to all that trouble.

  11. Sassy,

    Good luck with the jacks. I don't think I have read any RVers blog that has jacks on their rig that has NOT had problems. They may be a convenience but they are a high dollar maintenance item.