Thursday, November 17, 2011


Long driving day today.  Did 354 miles/570kms which is a LOT of driving for me.  Was on the road by 7:00AM – which is unheard of for me.  But I had no Internet last night so after I ate, cleaned up and wrote my Blog there was nothing to do !!  So I went to bed shortly after 9:00PM – again unheard of for me.

As a result of getting to bed so early I was up before 6:00AM today.  And because I couldn’t surf around on the web I figured I might as well get on the road.

According to my EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT (aka maker of my FANCY MAP) tomorrow is going to be the most challenging of all as I have several very high elevations to get through and I might run into snow again.  I’m too tired right now to even look at the map but I’m getting e-mails like this….

“Then on Friday you could try the “bad” stretch all in one go.  Weather looks like rain through the “bad” stretch on Friday. However, it goes well below freezing as the low so that is why you have to get through that area all in one go.”

And just got this one a second ago…

“You have to do all the elevation at once. Get to at least Willows, CA 250 miles from Grants Pass.”

Jeeze, She got me frightened to death !!  LOL

Today at least I didn’t see any of that WHITE STUFF.  But it rained the entire day.  One point it was raining quite heavy and it was also quite windy.  Thankfully that didn’t last too long.

I was playing around with the buttons on the dash and saw that one of them shows the temperature…


A BALMY 48 degrees – that’s almost 9C for my Canadian friends. Is there hope afterall ??

And then the next button pushed shows the MPG.  I wonder if this is accurate ???


BTW, Please ignore the dirt !!  LOL

When I saw this sign that said “CHAIN UP AREA” I thought I was in for trouble….


Thankfully I wasn’t.  This was pretty much the driving scene today…..


There was a brief moment when I saw a certain brightness in the sky…..


But that didn’t last very long either.  Glad I got a picture of it though or else I would have thought I had been hallucinating !!!

Later in the day I looked at the temperature on this new button I just discovered on the dash.  Now showing 53F !!  Shur that’s pure sweltering temperature in comparison to what I’ve been through.


I made one quick stop at Camping World to get a vent cover.  Oh CAMPING WORLD how I missed you so !!  I need two vent covers and one is for the bathroom that has a fan and those are very expensive…..that one will have to wait.

And what was Bennie doing through all of this…..



  1. Man, this trip better be worth it for some heat---you've been going through HELL to get there !!!!!!!
    Sounds as though tomorrow will be another full day getting over the elevation--& hopefully with no white stuff falling from the sky.
    Drive safe, take care, Lynn, Vancouver .

  2. YAY! You're getting warmer! It's kind of like a treasure hunt!

    Cyndi & Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

  3. Once you get over the Siskiyou Summit, it'll be clear sailing into the land of sunshine and warmer temps! Good luck!

  4. Keep on trucking, girl, you're getting there. Be safe today. Looking forward to your post to know you're safe.

  5. Congratulations on your first year! I also have a Heritage, but we were unable to bring our bikes this trip. We left Grants Pass 6 days ago, and are in Vegas now. Where are you headed? It would be fun to meet up!

  6. Use your cruise control and you'll get better gas mileage!! BTW up and around 65 MPH you'll be getting worse mileage, take it do have all winter and don't forget...YA CAN'T STAY ANY LONGER THAN 6 MONTHS!!

  7. 7 MPG isn't so bad.

    Benny has it rough!