Saturday, November 26, 2011


A friend of mine sent me an e-mail with some great, funny pics of animals.  Yesterday’s cat was one of them.  Here’s one for today……


This morning it was a little chilly in the rig – not bad though – but my little Bennie was shivering.  Can’t have that !!  Put on the heater (only needed it on for about 1/2 hour) and wrapped him in one of Nan’s many quilts that I have and he became very content quite quickly….


So after many times going around in circles the other day I decided today I’m in a good ‘position’.  So out came the mat, the lawn chair, tire covers put on, flag up etc. etc. etc.


This afternoon I was just getting ready for a little scoot into Town and thought I would drop by and see that couple from Manitoba (Ed and Anne) I met the other day when I arrived here.  Next thing I know I see this huge pick-up truck coming barrelling towards my rig with the horn blasting.  Well it was Ed and his buddy Paddy.  Ed had told me about Paddy because not only is he a fellow rider – he is also from NL !!  We had a little visit here and then Bennie and I got on the bike to go over to their place so I could meet his wife.  Here we are all sitting around and chatting……..well, Paddy was the one doing all the chatting !!  Man oh Man – typical Newfie – can he talk !!!  **wink** **wink**  Don’t worry Paddy, I enjoyed every minute of it.


Paddy and wife Bernie have 750 watts of solar !!!  WOW !!  He was explaining it all to us and of course it is a subject I’m trying to learn more about so I found it fascinating.

Bennie on the other hand really took to Ed and visa versa.  I feared Ed wouldn’t give him back to me.  LOL


Just realized I didn’t get a pic of Anne – oh well, next time for sure.

It was almost dark by the time I got back home and missed the sunset.

G’Night Folks



  1. Just found your site! I am absolutely loving it, and learning so much. Thanks for your great posts.

  2. It does get cold out there on the desert at night. The girls don't want to crawl out from under the covers in the mornings even with their little bladders about to bust. Have fun riding while you're there. See you shortly, I hope.

  3. Hey Sassy, come by and see me!

    It was 50 degrees in my rig this morning at 6 am. Cold! I have no idea why I'm up so early!!! First thing I did was turn on the heater. The only problem with the catalytic heater is you have to keep some windows open a bit, so it takes a little longer to warm things up unless you're right in front of it. I'm sure Katie won't be up for hours. She's snuggled under my down comforter and she's not moving! :)

  4. The desert can get pretty cool at night sometimes - always good to have an extra heater along.

  5. Glad you found "Me and My Dog". The friendships made while blogging or on groups is simply amazing. How nice to know someone in such a big place. Have fun.