Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I’m trying to do some inside projects seeing as it’s TOO FRIKKIN’ COLD to be outside doing anything !!  LOL  Really I shouldn’t complain – but I do anyway – because it’s been bright and sunny everyday and the high temps for the day are still in the double digits – low double digits but double digits nonetheless.  That’s not gonna last much longer.  Low’s overnight are just at the freezing point or slightly lower.  But it’s better than overcast and rain.


I decided to start cleaning the overhead fans.  Jeeze, They sure don’t make these things easy to get at.  As always, the whole bloody thing had to come apart.


I did manage to get at most of the areas that I could reach from the inside.  The outside part will have to wait until I’m somewhere that’s warm enough to get up on the roof.


Then I decided to tackle the blinds where parts are falling of.  First there was one – then there was two – and eventually FOUR….


I wanted to put these end caps (well I didn’t know they were end caps until I took everything apart !!) back on, but again they make these things whereby it’s difficult to impossible to get at…..


I start taking the screws out that I can see and get at ….….


And pull the frame out as much as I can see ….….


But it was an exercise in futility !!  Clearly they built the overhead cupboards over and around the window and this thing was NOT coming off.  Had to give up on it !!


Awhile ago I noticed a ‘light’ coming out from behind one of the cupboards that caused me some concern.  NATURALLY, again everything had to come out….


I had not noticed this light on before so it caused me some concern.  I went on one of the RV Forums and posted the pics and my question.  I was told to go outside and take off the vent cover….


CRAP !  Appears I took off the wrong cover – they told me to go outside again to take off another cover….


Now Folks you gotta know here that it’s COLD and it’s getting dark !!  AND I’m running back and forth, taking pics, loading the pics onto my computer, posting the pics on the website that I’m trying to get help from etc. etc. etc.

And then there was another cover they told me to take off from the inside…….


One of the times I went back inside the light was now much dimmer than before !!??


And then as time went on, the light went out completely ??


I never did get an answer to this mystery light but they assured me (via this RV Forums website) that as long as the light wasn’t blinking I was ok.  I’ve kept an eye on it constantly ever since and sometimes it’s on, sometimes it’s off.


So you see Folks there’s always something on ‘da go here in RV Retirement Land.


  1. Never a dull moment. And everything always takes at least six hours longer than you think it will. I almost dread Jim starting a project sometimes.

  2. skype us tonight. we may have an idea about that light. lmj

  3. Don't you just hate things like that? I hope you fine out what that light is. If not, an RV repair place could help, or send the photos to the manufacturer or an RV sales place. Good luck!

  4. When it comes on again pay attention to which lights you have on in the inside of the rig and turn them off one by one, then maybe you'll see it's a "nite light' for a dark area just incase ya gotta get in there for some reason!!

  5. I believe it's not a "light" but daylight coming in from outside through a opening, especially when you said it got dimmer when it started getting dark outside then went out completely. I was tracking my propane hose for the wave heater and saw what looked like a light but found it to be the sun shining through a opening along the water heater, that side was toward the sun.