Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I have following Barbara’s travels from  ME AND MY DOG  from even before she acquired her RV.  It’s amazing how well you can get to know someone by reading their Blogs.

Yesterday afternoon I took a scoot on the bike and decided to see if I could find where she was parked.  She gave a pretty good idea on her Blog, however, you have to realize these areas are huge.  It’s not ‘busy’ here yet but still there are hundreds of RV parked in one area alone.  I had commented on her Blog that I would be by for a visit.

Sure enough I saw the infamous PALMS and before I could even get off the bike out she runs – camera in hand naturally !!  For those of you that follow along with Barbara you already know what great pics she takes.

What a delightful woman she is.  Full of energy and smiles.  And THE PALMS is gorgeous.  Fantastic layout and spotless clean.  This size of THE PALMS would be perfect for me if I didn’t have that stupid ol’ Harley….LOL

We had a lovely visit and there was non-stop chatting.


Her ‘spot’ on BLM land here at Q was well photographed on her Blog and looked great.  But when you actually see it in person it is even better.  She is positioned so that there will be nobody parked behind her or on either side – at least not very close anyways.  AND she can walk to the big RV Show.


Now Katie is not as social as her Mom and was NOT pleased to have Benne on her turf.  There was a bit of growling going on but not bad.


Things are always better though where there’s treats involved..


A really lovely visit and I’m sure there will be more as we both plan to spend some time here in Q.



  1. OH how fun that ya'll got to meet! Where does Bennie ride on the hog? It looks really nice there. Ya'll are making it tougher for me to let Carlos go :-(( I have to keep reminding myself that I'm his foster mom...He resembles Katie.

  2. Now I'm not so confused.
    Wait, maybe that came out wrong.
    On your page, "How I travel", you have your (I guess) previous motorhome, and there had been no all inclusive pictures of the one you presently own. If there were, I missed them. It happens.
    So...love the header pic. It explains many things.


    I've also noticed that dogs who have ladies as owners (or maybe it's the other way around?) seem to be more protective of their female companions. Just something I've noticed. A closer bond or something? Not sure.

  3. So glad you two got to meet. I, too, thoroughly enjoy her pictures on her blog.

  4. I'm following several blogs as I wait impatiently for my RV lifestyle to begin. I love to see blog friends get to meet each other! Thanks for your photos and posts.

  5. I was hoping the two of you would meet! Hopefully Jeff and I can meet both of you someday soon.

  6. We DID have fun, didn't we? I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and Benny, we'll see you again soon! :)

  7. Glad to see you both got together for a visit and had so much fun. Who said the desert's a big place?

  8. It’s amazing how well you can get to know someone by reading their Blogs.

    Well said, BUT I say the same thing about your Blog until this morning.....The Palms would be a nice place for you only for that STUPID OL HARLEY.....shame shame!! Here I was thinkin you loved yours as much as I love mine!! I wouldn't buy anything other than one exactly like yours just for that big ramp and little condo in the back, for Babe!! LOL!
    Guess Who???

  9. Great collage! That's one nice looking bike, and one nice look rig, quite a set-up for sure.

  10. Give me your address, it's freaking cold up here today, I want to be where you are. lol Nice pics, Denis. Did you find me a blue bucket yet? LMJ