Thursday, November 17, 2011


Before I write about today’s long tale of woes a few words about comments made to yesterdays post.

Sandie asked if I were warmer now ?? NO Sandie I’m not !!  LOL  Just look at what I went through today.  I figure I still have several days driving yet before I will hit the warm weather.

And Rick commented about the type of interrogation I went through.  Yes, it was an awful time for sure but admittedly it was self-inflicted as I have ‘over-stayed’ my limit in the past 12 months and fully expected to be told to turn around !!

But then Bob said he went through the same thing last year and I’m fairly certain he did not spend more than 6 months in the States prior to that.

Oh well, I got in ……. hmmmm, Wonder if they’ll let me back in Canada in the Spring ???  LOL

Today didn’t start out so good when I blew a fuse or tripped a breaker or something ??  I had turned the generator on to boil the kettle (I now have my ‘other’ kettle out !!) when shortly everything died !  Well, the microwave was still working ??  I had  two electric heaters going so figure that’s why I blew up something.  I did the usual checking….checked the fuses = OK; checked the breakers = OK.  So that limited my knowledge of checking things.  Did a quick post on the IRV2 FORUMS and was told there is another ‘breaker’ on the generator.  I mean come on !!  How many frikkin’ breakers does this thing have !!  Out I go and sure enough, flipped it and all was OK again.

And merrily on my way I went.  The day wasn’t great but the roads were good…..for awhile.  I was going East and I was going West and I was going South.  Lordie, Lordie, Lordie, I was getting dizzy !!  You see my EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT (whom I promoted from ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT and she didn’t even notice !!) made this great FANCY MAP for me for this trip.  If you look at this Folks and zoom in you will see EVERY Rest Stop; EVERY Walmart; EVERY Harley Davidson; EVERY Camping World; EVERY Flying J/Pilot etc. etc. etc. from here to Quartzsite !!!

She did work long and hard on this Map in order to avoid as much of these as possible for me…..



Given the time of year I am travelling I didn’t want to be climbing too many high elevations and the above two are minor in comparison to others on different routes. When the SNOW started even then it wasn’t so bad because it was wet and NOT freezing.



But that didn’t last long and it got worse !!  My wipers were getting blocked up…



I am heading SOUTH am I ???  Am I going in the wrong direction ?  Did I take a wrong turn ??  Well that certainly wouldn’t be the first time if I had !!  LOL And just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse……….well, you guessed it…..IT DID !!




And NATURALLY, as always, I’m in the middle of nowhere so there was no place to pull in for the day and night.

I FINALLY got to an area where it wasn’t SNOWING only to run into FOG….



It sure was hard on the nerves at certain points and my poor little Bennie was sooooo stressed…..



BTW, He never moved from that position the whole day !

I made it through it all and got one State now put behind me (Washington) and now in Oregon…..



I am currently residing at Pilot Travel Center in Biggs Junction, Oregon.  NOT going to be a quiet night !

Oh, And my Verizon Internet stick has no signal here so no Internet.  Gotta love Live Writer.


  1. I cannot believe the weather you get yourself into when you're driving. I was watching some of the weather from Washington state and it wasn't nice. Glad you're further south even though Oregon can present some problems also. Keep going girl. You're going to get there.

  2. Hey, lots of nice white stuff. lol Denise, you sounds like us when we went to NB in 2010. MIshaps after mishaps, hope you get better weather today. happy trails kiddo.

  3. Goodness, u have had a time!!! Are u coming down hwy 97? Looks like it if u are at Biggs. I live in Redmond, would love to see u or lunch or something:)!!! Suppose by the time u get this, will be past me tho. Travel safe. Glad u got thru customs, they really put u thru the ringer!!!!

  4. Just found your blog. What a day. Hang in there.

    I like your bucket list.