Saturday, November 5, 2011


I received an e-mail the other day from my friend Lynn in Vancouver.  She wanted my mailing address as she said she had a package to mail to me.  hmmmm, What could it be ??  The only ‘clue’ she gave me was that “It's NOT bigger than a bread box & something Í think you'll get lots of use out of !!!!!”

Well of course I didn’t have a clue and was curious as all git out !!  The parcel arrived yesterday and I was astounded.  What a gorgeous piece of ART.  Yes, Because that’s exactly what it is…….ART.  Now where to put it ??


On the couch like this….



Or on the couch like that…..



Or on the passenger seat AKA Bennie’s seat…..



Or hanging on a wall……



BTW, It was even specially ‘engraved’ on the back….



Now Lynn had just returned from a trip back East and I just figured she bought it at a Craft Fair.   NOT !!!  She made it herself !! “I made it---machine sewed the background pieces together---did the embroidery by hand--- sewed on the center blocks with the blanket stitch & then hand quilted it.”

It is so gorgeous and the colours go so well in ‘DA HULK.  I love it !!  Thanks Lynn !!


  1. I love it hanging on the wall. What a great friend.

  2. Sandie, I'm leaning against putting it on the wall also. It's just too nice to 'use'.

  3. It's beautiful! And so thoughtful.

  4. I vote for putting it on the wall by your bed, then if it's cool, you can throw it over the covers to keep warm. My thin quilt makes the difference on really cold nights.

    Having made only a few quilts myself, I can only say what a GREAT friend.

  5. Denise, I"m just so glad you like it & that it goes so well with the decor of "THE HULK".
    It does look good on the wall---at least you can whip it down & cover yourself if it gets that cold.

    You've had a great exciting year on the road---& overall at a minimal cost--I'm sure it will be less as the next year rolls by--cause as you said you had trips back & forth to the USA that you didn't initially plan on--what great adventures you've had & the best part---meeting all the wonderful people & developing new friends & reconnecting with the old ones.

    Good for you---you go girl--& you've done it solo except for your wonderful full time companion---Bennie.
    Take care, continued Happy Trails, Lynn.Vancouver, BC.

  6. I vote wall too. Nice quilt!