Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Another very rough driving day due to the awful California Highway conditions.  But I’m getting there.

Got Bennie groomed this morning – poor guy looked like nobody owned him – but now he’s back to his youthful glory……


I also got ‘groomed’ this morning and I also was brought back to my youth…  aw, who am I kidding !!  It’ll take far more than a hair cut to erase the effects of my ‘multiple’ years.  LOL  But this hair cut really made me realize that all my ‘natural’ colour (via tons of help from the various hairdressers) is no longer.  All that’s left now is grey !!  hmmmm, Have to put that on my list of priorities to get corrected right quick !!

Both groomings were done by  10:30AM and I had checked the temperature in Santa Clarita which showed a lovely 64F/18C for the High today.   But Palm Desert (my next planned stop) showed a pleasant 73F/23C as the High for today so I decided to get on the road.

At one point (no idea where I was) I ran into this….


A back up of traffic I thought.  I had deliberately taken the 210E to avoid this kind of thing going through LA.

Bennie enjoyed some air while we were stopped/driving very slowly…


Don’t worry, MOM was holding on to him so that he wouldn’t suddenly decide to jump…


Turns out there was an accident up ahead…


And once I cleared that it was smooth (well bumpy) sailing again.

I remember when I first saw these wind turbines for the first time last year.  I was so amazed.  I hadn’t seen anything like it before.  Well the City of Toronto, Ontario had ONE.  I am equally amazed again this year to know that these actually produce electric power.  I was thinking my home Province (Newfoundland) should have these ‘cause we sure get enough wind to keep them going pretty much 365 days a year !!



I’m Wallydocking as usual tonight and a beautiful night it is.  It’s almost 7:00PM right now and not only do I NOT have any heat on yet – I still have a window open.  Gawd, It was good to pull in today and be able to actually open a few windows.

I’m definitely going to stay put tomorrow and take one day off before I do my final leg into Quartzsite on Thursday.  I have a number of things to get done not the least of which is laundry.  And once I settle into Q I don’t want to have to move until I have to go get water etc.

Even the Walmart here is different.  It doesn’t have the usual Walmart colours on the building.  It’s very Mexican looking on the outside I thought.


  1. Isn't it wonderful to have the windows open? And only two days before Thanksgiving. Yes!!! Glad you're going to stay put and rest for a day.

  2. I've always thought that about the wind turbines in the east coast of Newfoundland, apparentley they are very expensive to install...lots of them in western Ontario near Windsor way!!
    I think that accident was caused by the driver taken pictures as they cruised along...my bad, LMFAO at me I do!!

  3. Does not sound like I need to rush back to CA and enjoy driving around:) Enjoy the Holiday!

  4. It sure doesn't take long for the traffic to backup on I-10 after an accident.

    Glad to see you're enjoying the great weather here in the desert!

  5. D....welcome to the warmer climate....we had almost a foot of snow last week in Muskoka. You should consider a national parks pass....good in all the USA. You are in an area where a number of interesting museums and historic sites exist. This will get you out of the house.


  6. It looks beautiful weather wise there. Bennie is looking pretty spiffy too. Isn't it funny how they just know how good they look! Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Don't let Bennie hang out the window anymore. I don't think holding his tail is going to stop him from going out the window. And if it does, it's going to hurt him!!!