Sunday, November 20, 2011


Another 193 miles/310 kms put behind me today.  Felt like a long and tiring driving day but the light is at the end of the tunnel.  Today was the first day I thought “OK, I’m over this now !!”

My EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT and I had a long chat last night about my route over the next few days and where I wanted to arrive first.  I was betwiked and between Quartzsite and Lake Havasu City.  She was soooo insistent on knowing which one so she could plan my route for me.  picky picky picky !!  But I gotta tell ya Folks, she’s better than any GPS !  LOL ***psssssttt,  Don’t tell her I said that ‘cause I’m always giving her a hard time.

We eventually agreed upon Quartzsite and she adjusted my FANCY MAP and then she e-mailed me my ‘instructions’ for the next day:

SUBJECT:  Plan for Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday‏

Sunday – Lodi, CA to Tulare, CA – 183 miles

Monday – Tulare, CA to Santa Clarita, CA – 145 miles

Tuesday – Santa Clarita, CA to Palm Desert, CA – 149 miles

Wednesday – Palm Desert, CA to Quartzsite, AZ – 130 miles

And I am NOT to deviate from this plan.  And I am NOT to decide to travel further ‘cause I felt it was too early to pull in.  So BOSSY this one is !!

Actually it will be nice to have a few short driving days.  I’m in desperate need of a hair cut and Bennie is in desperate need of a grooming so maybe I’ll get a chance to get these things done.

I made my first stop at a Harley Davidson today.  I’ve been SOOOO good up to this point on this trip.  You have no idea how many dealerships I’ve passed without stopping.  I’m telling ya – COLD is a really good motivator !!

Just picked up a few trinkets.  A new mouse pad – well, yes I already do have a HD mouse pad but it’s filthy and I can’t get it clean anymore…



A pair of flannel track pants.  Truth is that you’d get these at Piper’s for about $5.00 but because they have the “Harley Davidson” name on them you pay an outrageous amount.  And yes, FOOLS like me buy them…



And another sticker for the ‘garage’.  I know, I know Sandie – I already have too many !! hehehehe



And that was my day Folks.  I am so looking forward to pulling out my lawn chair and watching the sunset.  And also having that extra hour of daylight.


  1. I am just seven miles from you, in Visalia. Too bad you are so determined! There's a lot to see and do, including Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon. But they probably got a lot of snow today. Maybe next time!

  2. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, and that includes buying herself special stuff. You go, girl!

    I'm going to visit Quartzsite, too. I want to see all the RVs on the desert, and park there, too. And go to the big show I've been hearing so much about.

  3. Thanks to your Executive Assistant for making you slow down now that you are out of that snow. We won't be in Q until January.

  4. Jeeeezzz girl, ya got all winter to get there, take it easy and visit people on your way south!! Enjoy the ride and I'm very concerned about you passing all those HD shops, that would be a main part of my travels(well it is now when I travel by my coach or bike)! Enjoy...