Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I did join the Group on Sunday for a small part of their Poker Run. It was VERY cold here this morning but by Noon it was a beautiful day – still chilly though especially on the bike.

I just rode as far as the little community of Rock Creek which is only 53KMS/33miles from my location. Plenty far for me given most of the ride was straight UP with many, many 90 degree turns and I needed my heated jacket on.  The Group had just arrived and most were having lunch inside so Bennie and I hung around outside.

Lots of sweet looking bikes…





06P1040025 (600x800)


Bennie was out and about, mingling, making new friends as he always does – but I finally had to put him back in his kennel.




Rode back to Osoyoos again where the last stop of the Poker Run was for the Group.  Stopped by a Lake – there’s a ‘lake’ everywhere you turn here in Osoyoos – or perhaps it’s all part of the same Lake – I dunno.  All I know is that it sure is beautiful.






Bennie was very intrigued with these strange creatures in the water and wanted oh so badly to go in there after them….





  1. looks like fun. We use to do that kind of stuff when Dawn had a trike

  2. Glad you got out for a scoot and meet some new people, that's what riding is all about...a new adventure every ride!! Nice pictures and the scenery is something else to say the least!

  3. D, I LOVE those trikes. Can see one in my future for sure.

  4. Hi Denise, Tis me Barb (the gal with the training wheels :)
    Finally made it to the computer to get on your blog and I totally love it. You are living my dream. Loved that you bought along Bennie, he is so cute.
    Thought I would try to keep in touch with you and be able to follow you on your dream, then I can pretend its mine :)
    I am seriously thinking I might just have to make up a blog of my own. Not really for friends but just so that I myself can remember it lol... Thanks for mentioning us in your blog and the picture of my Mr. Trigg