Tuesday, October 25, 2011


OK, So I’m NOT happy about the fact that I can’t head South until the end of December but I WON’T be cold. And it’s damn cold here now.  There was even frost outside this morning.

I have this fabulous heater recommended to me by my friends that I spent some time with in Goose Lake.  It is the MR. HEATER which gives off such a delicious heat and is SOUNDLESS !!  Man Oh Man, Have I ever become ‘noise sensitive’ in my old age !!

I absolutely cannot stand the furnace in an RV.  It is soooo noisy plus it cuts in and out so often.  It gives a blast of warm air, then cuts out, then it gets cold inside, then it cuts in again.  Hate it !  I also have two of those electric pedestal kind of heaters and they are no better when it comes to noise level.

But the Mr. Heater is awesome……..EXCEPT that it runs on those small one pound propane cylinders that are very expensive.  And with the way I love my heat it is costing me a fortune.

Now LMJ did tell me I could hook this heater up to a larger propane tank and even better yet I could hook it up to the propane tank in the rig.  The latter is the way I wanted to go but apparently that is ‘illegal’ here in Canada but not in the States.  I was going to wait until I got to the States to get this done but it’s just too bloody cold here.  I had to find a solution STAT !! 

I contacted the local (and only) RV place here in this small town for a price quote to get it hooked up directly to my propane tank……hoping they didn’t know it wasn’t legal. LOL  I’m still waiting for an answer from them with a price quote.

The other day I got chatting with a neighbour here in the Park (Liette) and we talked about how cold it is and I showed her my heater and mentioned what I wanted to do with it.  Liette  mentioned it to her husband (Jim) and next thing I know Jim is knocking on my door saying he can hook up the heater to my propane tank for me.  WELL, I looked at him like he had 10 HEADS and figured Liette had obviously not described to him accurately the complexity of the work that was required.

Jim just smiles (patiently) while I describe what I’d like and assures me it’s quite simple.  Surely this man jest !!  This is very intricate work and very complicated  !!  I mean, holes would have to be drilled through the floor to get the line up into the living area; special adaptors and major complicated thingies would have to be installed on the existing propane tank etc. etc. etc.  This job is a MAJOR one and should ONLY be done by professional !!  Silly man !!

Jim just (again) smiles (patiently) and instructs me to go to the local hardware store to purchase a propane hose.  He shows me the one he has and also shows me how his is hooked up.  So, still very doubtful, off I go to the hardware store (with Jim’s propane hose so I can show them what I need).

This very complicated and intricate job involved simply screwing one end of this adaptor thingie onto a fitting that’s already on my propane tank….


Run the line up the side of the rig and in through a window…..


Attach the other end to the heater….


Stuff something into the opening in the window so the cold air cannot come in…


Close the blinds so you can’t see it…


And Bob’s yer Uncle !!  DONE !!

THANKS Liette and Jim !!


  1. Well, well, well, good for you. warm and comfy.

  2. that last comment was LMJ

  3. Great, but I would have drilled the hole up through the floor(maybe under the couch) and have it completely hidden....outta sight, outta mind.....just sayin'!!


  4. What a great solution. And I'm so glad you won't be freezing to death up there. I know what you mean about RV furnace's. Definitely do not keep the rig warm on an even basis. We're counting down the time until you can get out of there.

  5. Byron, Ya and I likely will do that in the future. But it was a great quick and easy way to get it done for now.

    Sandie, Me Too !! Think I'll put a 'count-down' clock on the Blog - or maybe that will make me too depressed !! LOL

  6. We have a Mr. Heater too. We love ours. It knocks the cold out real quick.

    Where you going this winter? email us and let us know. We're going to Rockport,TX