Friday, October 28, 2011


What great people I met here in Osoyoos, British Columbia !!

First there was Lorne and Donna who own their lot in the Park and have been living here for 5 years.  They head South for 4 months each year.  Lorne helped me get ‘DA HULK’ backed into my site and was a wealth of information because he knows the area so well.  I got up at 9:00AM and they were already gone.

Then there was Marty and Shelley from Vancouver Island.  They just started fulltiming and sold their house on the Island.  This will be their first Winter South in their rig.  They are also fellow riders.  I killed the battery on the bike one day by leaving the lights on.  The Owner was around and mentioned he had a trickle charger but perhaps not the right adaptor thingie.  While I was talking with the Owner Marty comes over and says he also has a trickle charger and came right back with one.  WELL, it turns out I also have not ONE but TWO trickle chargers.  One wasn’t even out of the packaging.  The next day the bike still wouldn’t start so Marty says it’s likely the connections to the battery were loose.  He has all the tools, takes the seat of and sure enough the connections are very loose.  Tightened the connections and in no time the bike was fine again.  The left a couple of days ago.

Then there was Jim and Liette.  Folks from Saskatchewan I believe.  Jim helped me out with several things and I’ve already blogged about one of them.  They left today.

And last but not least were Len and Gloria.  They are also fellow riders and new fulltimers from Ottawa.  Len actually spent 4 years working in my home town !  They brought over food from their fridge and freezer yesterday as they did not want to chance taking anything across the Border.  They left today.

Oh dear, it’s gonna be a LONG November and December.  Such nice folks and I sure hope to run across their paths again.

P.S.  It’s 5C/41F as I type this and windy which makes it feel colder.


  1. I am so sorry you and Benny are all alone up there in the cold frozen north. Sure will be glad when you can get down here to the desert.

  2. you could always move to the rainy coast. lmj

  3. LMJ, I just might yet.

    Sandie, Thinking about taking a chance and leaving earlier anyway. If they stop me at the Border so be in !!

  4. D....Its not thAT likely they will stop you at the border but more of a problem possibly with your out of country coverage through your provincial Health Plan and extra the PHP is likely 1st payer and they may not pay if you have been out of country in a given year longer than 6 months.
    Lawrence is heading out from Winnepeg on the 2nd for Weslaco Texas.


  5. Bob, Ya I'm thinking the same thing now. Will likely stay here for November and then 'chance' it. If they turn me back so be it.