Monday, October 3, 2011


I recently picked up a copy of the latest edition of the Snowbirds & RV Travelers Magazine and read a great article about The Retired Persons Visa Issue (Pages 34-35).

This Group is fighting for changes that will allow Canadians over 55 to spend more time each year in the United States.  As someone who fits into this category and would love to spend more time South, I will for sure be watching their progress closely.

A very interesting read which stated that Canadian tourists spent 5 BILLION DOLLARS last year alone just in the States of Florida, Arizona, Texas and California !!!  I knew we left a lot of change in the U.S. but had no idea it was that much !!


  1. Hi Sassy
    Thank you for the link to that magazine. We have found a ton of articles that we want to read already...
    We will be watching closely as well.
    Take care...TnT

  2. A longer Visa will not fix the issue of Medical Insurance coverage in Canada. If I understand it correctly you must 'live' in Canada for 180 days each year to maintain your Medical coverage.
    So, if your willing to forgo the Canadian Medical Insurance then a longer Visa would be a good thing. The other option is to do what the Mexicans do, just come across the border and stay. Visa? We don't need no stinking Visa!

  3. Yes Ed, I'm pretty certain also regarding having to be in your own home Province (not just in Canada) for 6 months to maintain your 'local' medical.
    I think the Authors of that article mentioned something about dealing with the 'Canadian' side of things once they get the U.S. to agree as it would then be a much easier argument.

  4. A little late to chime in on this one but in Ontario you are allowed out of province for 212 days annually AND you can also apply in writing to OHIP to be out of province for up to two years out of every five years. That would work great in conjunction with longer visa stays if they ever come to pass.

    I'm a little skeptical on the $5 billion annually amount. Seems awfully high....but perhaps.