Sunday, September 25, 2011


Some of you may remember way back last Spring and old work friend tracked me down via Facebook.

Well since then she has been STALKING me constantly so I decided to put her to work as my Administrative Assistant which includes making my FANCY MAPS (so I don’t get lost so often !) amongst many other tasks.

I’ve been fortunate to have been able to spend some time with her and her husband – who mentioned he would LOVE to at least ride my bike “even 12 feet” .  The other night was a beautiful day and evening and was looking like his last chance to get this golden opportunity.  I mean after all, not too many have the privilege of riding my Harley.  And I was leaving the area the following day and likely will not be back in the B.C. area again.

Here we are going over everything to refresh his memory on where the clutch, the brake etc. is.



Jeeze, I had my slippers on !!!  LOL But look at Norm’s smile !

And he’s going now !!


Gotta admit that bike looks good on him !!

Getting serious here – putting my helmet on ‘cause he’s gonna take her out on the road !!



A few videos of this momentous event !!!



What’s really impressive about this last video was that even though he stalled the bike, he managed to re-start it without stopping or putting his feet down.  Don’t know that I would have been able to do that !!



I also worked with Betty’s Sister-in-Law (Pat) for many years and she came by with Betty and Norm for a visit.  Had a really nice (but far too short) visit with her while Norm was out there having the time of his life !!




  1. Probably a good thing he didn't scratch the bike or his life wouldn't have been worth a plug nickle. But it sure looks like he was having more fun than a barrel of monkeys. (Don't you just love all these old sayings?) hope you don't get too lost any more.

  2. Aww . . . this brings back memories of my cousins and their bikes, first rides, etc. Way cool!