Sunday, September 18, 2011


Sorry Folks, I know I’m so far behind in my blogging – about 2 weeks I figure.  For me, I have to be in the ‘mood’ to Blog – to upload the pics and videos etc.  It’s not that I have been super busy, however, I must say that every day there is something to get done.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Goose Lake, B.C. and it was so relaxing being with my old friends.  Unfortunately, It was FREEZING cold there !!  Early mornings and evenings that is, as the days did warm up a smidge.

The day after we went to the Market I had decided to mosey on.  Seeing FROST on the ground the previous day was enough for this woosie woos !! As much as I liked it there, well, COLD is not what I wanted.  I was basically getting the rig ready inside for travel when the girls came over and suggested I move into a sunny spot.  You see I was backed into a site that was surrounded by trees and therefore much cooler.


This was also the day the temps in Kamloops etc. (4,000’ below) were showing in the low to mid 30’s(C) = HOT and that meant up in ‘da mountains it would be a delicious low to mid 20’s C.  When I went outside and walked around in the sun there was a noticeable difference.  So “we” moved the rig.  I say “we” because it did take the three of us (with Leona on her belly making sure I wasn’t going to rip the underside of the rig off from hitting the many huge boulders -

Nicely settled into my new spot here is my view…


Gotta love it !!

By doing this, this allowed me to stay another few days.  But all good things must come to an end and I am now into a week WITHOUT INTERNET so I started to go into the heebie jeebies and withdrawals and everything !!  Time to get back to the land of civilization……….and Wi-Fi !!  Leona figured out how to use the timer on my camera so we could get a group shot…


Nope, Bennie didn’t co-operate for that one.  Try another………….

Pose please so I can see if I have the camera lined up right…..


Another one that ‘someone’ didn’t like…..


Pose again please for the camera………….


Take the damn picture – we’re over it !!  LOL


I bid my dear friends farewell and headed down the mountain to civilization – WiFi – Cell Phone signal – and HOT HOT HOT temps.


  1. Glad to hear from you again. The frost would have done me in too. That is just too cold. But I don't want HOT HOT HOT either. So here we still sit. Glad you had such a great time. Good to meet up with old friends.

  2. Nice! The sunny spot looks ideal. Sassy - I haven't been able to comment here. Blogger issues. But yes, I will be in Quartzsite in Februrary. I'll be camping with some Casita people and enrolled in Boondocking 101. Hope to see you and the wonderful Mr. Bennie there.


  3. I agree Sandie ! Now why can't we just have nice 'warm' temps 12 months of the year !! LOL

    Kimmer, JANUARY is the time to be in Quartzsite !! The number of RV's there for the BIG SHOW is truly unbelievable and the energy is awesome.