Saturday, September 10, 2011


Every Saturday morning Leona and MJ go into the market in Clearwater, B.C. to sell their crafts.  They invited me to go along, however, they had to be on the road by 7:30 AM !!  AM !!!  As in ABSOLUTE MADNESS.  I really wanted to go but lordie lordie lordie – how do people function at that ungawdly hour ??  For ME to ‘function’ at that hour means that I would have to be up out of bed by 5:30AM as it takes this old gal a minimum of two hours to ‘wake up’.  No, I am not one of those people that wakes up ‘awake’.  You can’t blame me though as I did come by it honestly – my Mother has been like it her lifetime and is like it to this day.

AND to make matters even worse I don’t have an alarm clock.  Well I do have an alarm clock – but it’s electric and as you know by now I’m nowhere near any electricity.  We agreed that when MJ woke up at 6:30AM she was going to come over to my rig and wake me up.  Turns out I woke up at 4:30AM because my poor darling little guy was shivering to death !!  I was soon to find out why.  I did get him under the blankets again but I couldn’t go back to sleep.

When I went outside at 7:30AM there was FROST covering everything !  FROST – ICE ==== FREEZING !!  Oh me nerves !!  I said (in the back of my mind) that’s it I’m outta here the next day.  It was a  beautiful sunny day and promised to eventually warm up.  Bennie has really taken to those two – hmmmm, might be something to do with the fact that they SPOIL HIM ROTTEN..


MJ and Leona have been making crafts now for quite a number of years and I had no idea how talented they are !!  Here they are setting up….


And here is just some of the things they make and sell – absolutely beautiful….




It turned out to be another successful day for them…….


And of course Bennie  was extremely helpful as always playing ‘Guard Dog’….


There was someone there selling baby kittens and Bennie was quite intrigued with these strange creatures..


We stopped on the way home for ice cream…..


And immediately got another roaring fire going……..


And watched the sun going down over the lake…….


Obviously there is FOOD going on here somewhere…….


Yes, Another good day at Goose Lake with old friends.


  1. Hey! I've been trying to post but Blogger has been obstructing me. Sounds like a great time. Glad Bennie was able to offer such effective protection.

  2. Your friends crafts look really nice. I love going to markets to see the artistic abilities of the people participating.

  3. Beautiful craft work. I could just see you freezing in the "early" morning. Definitely must be time to think about coming a little bit south. When do you come back into the states? We're still warm here but next week is supposed to cool down. Hopefully, we'll be starting south not too long after that.

  4. Four Windows, yes their crafts are really gorgeous and all hand made !

    Sandie, I can't head back down to Arizona until the end of December !! Seems I spent too many days in the States in 2011. Can't wait to see you guys again !