Thursday, September 22, 2011


‘Cause I’m fit to be prayed for !!

The other day I went to meet another old and very dear friend, Maritza.  She said we should meet half way between where she lives (in the heart of Vancouver) to where I was at the time (in Port Coquitlam – about 45 minutes from Vancouver).  We arranged to meet at a Mall in Burnaby.

I did google the directions and saw that it was only about 20 minutes from my location.  I didn’t want to take the Freeway so I saw on google maps that the Lougheed Highway ran straight to this Mall.  I do get confused with Google Maps just in the part if I should turn left or right when I leave the Walmart parking lot.  I thought of calling my Administrative Assistant but I thought PFFFFT – this is heading into Vancouver – I know how to get there !!!!

WELL in my mind (gawd help it !! LOL) ‘Vancouver’ was left so that’s the direction I went.  I should know by now that if ‘my mind’ says left then I should automatically turn right !!  LOL  It was a spectacular day and the first time I’ve had the bike out in ages.  I thoroughly enjoyed the ride – going through small communities – the scenery – the smells.  I went through one particular area where the smells were so nice.  I thought of jasmine - no idea why I thought of the smell of jasmine as I have no frikkin’ idea what jasmine even is nevermind what it smells like !!  In reality I was going through logging plants and the smell was likely the one of freshly cut wood or wood ground into mulch……but I digress.

Actually going through those small communities and logging plants should have been my first clue.  I was heading to Burnaby which is just outside of Vancouver – which is METRO – NOT small town.

I left at 1:15PM in plenty of time to meet my dear friend for 2:00PM.  I was riding 45 minutes when it suddenly dawned on me that perhaps I was going in the wrong direction ??  45 minutes Folks !!  The fact that I was seeing signs for Abbotsford, Mission and even Harrison Hot Springs (all of which are the completely OPPOSITE direction) should have been another of many clues.  But oh NO, this Sassy Rider has become DENSE in her elderly years.

I finally had sense enough to stop and ask someone.  Sure enough, I was going in the wrong direction.  It’s already 2 o’clock and I had no way of reaching my friend to tell her I got lost.  I now had to track back the 45 minutes to my original location and then ride the additional 20 minutes or so to get to this Mall.  Despite ignoring speed limits, I didn’t reach there until 3:15PM and naturally Maritza had left.  Turns out she had waited until 3:10PM !!  I was sooo disappointed.

I decided to hang around there and went to lock my bike and realized I had forgotten the keys to the bike.  No problem I thought as I wasn’t going far.  It would be ok.

Finally I decided to head back home and heard something rattle.  I looked down at the right side saddlebag and the bolt that holds it on the bike was gone.  I realized that when I was at Goose Lake I had loosened them to take the bags off in order to clean the bike.  I ran out of energy at the time before I could get that part of the bike cleaned and just put the bolt back on loosely…..well this bolt had now come off and was now flying down the road somewhere !!

No problem I thought as there are two other bolts inside the bags that also hold them on…….I looked down on the left side and that bolt was still there but the back of it was gone and it was ready to come off and fly in the wind as well.  So I just took it completely off.

I’m almost home and see that I’m running low on gas.  I pull into a gas station and while going over the numerous speed bumps I hear this bang or kerplunk or something like that.  I glance in the side mirror and there is one of my saddle bags on the ground !!  I had forgotten that I had also taken the two ‘inside’ bolts off during that time in Goose Lake.

I retrieve the saddlebag and put it back on the bike just resting on the part that holds it.  I proceed to the gas station……. I can’t get gas because I had forgotten my keys and my gas tank cover is the locking kind and the key is back home.

I’m really, really, really tired at this point and headed home.  I rested for awhile, secured the saddlebags as best I could and headed back out to get gas. I needed to get gas you see because Norm was coming over for his debut Harley ride !!  That’s for another post.


  1. Oh Sassy - I know you are directionally challenged but my word. I'm not even sure what to say. I want to laugh but I feel so bad for you because you missed your friend and you had such lousy luck getting back home. Sure hope you got some rest and got the saddle bags back on tight.

  2. What is the point of paying me the big bucks if you are not going to use my skills. Remember that I got you from Osoyoos to San Diego and back without you getting lost once. Surely I could have gotten you from Port Coquitlam to Burnaby without incident. I'm starting think you don't trust me anymore. But I thank you once again for Norm's "debut Harley ride"...I didn't even know about your troubles that day until I read it in this post!!

  3. Sandie, "Directionally challenged" is being far too polite !! LOL I was so disappointed that I didn't get to meet my friend and felt awful that she had been waiting there for so long.

    Betty, Didn't get a chance to tell you about my day 'cause too busy having fun watching Norm have fun plus catching up with Pat. Trust you ? Jeeze, I continue to wonder how I got out of the driveway last November 3rd without you !!! LOL

  4. Sassy, I completely understand - I am directionally challenged in the same way. If someone asks me which what to turn, I always say, "Right, so you should go left." The best invention, to me, is the Garmin GPS. I don't know how I ever navigated without it. Well, yes, I do. I got lost a lot!

  5. Hey Buddy, we miss ya. we need to talk soon. I hope you are doing alright.

    Lisa and Lori