Monday, September 19, 2011


Got down from ‘da mountain and spent the Labour Day long weekend at my friend Marilyn’s place.  You may remember in a  previous post where I re-united with my old friend back in July at Birch Bay, WA.  Marilyn is also crafty and her passion is scrapbooking.  Gorgeous work she does.

She greeted me with this surprise…..


She had taken this pic of ‘her boy’ while at Birch Bay.  And apparently there is scrapbooking paper for EVERYTHING – yes, including Harley Davidson !!!  I can’t even imagine the trouble she went through in order to find it.  The pic is now proudly displayed on my wall.

In her scrounging around she also found this fridge magnet….  Too cute !!


Then she got her Daughter to take a pic of the three of us and while we were at Walmart she went to the Photo Centre and produced this for me….


I had a great weekend hanging out with at M & G RV Park and even had ‘cooked dinner’ on Sunday !!  What a treat !!  A FIVE STAR rating goes to this place for sure !!

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  1. Holy cow - another post. I'm impressed. lol Love the pictures and magnet. Now that is a good friend who will go to all that work for you.