Friday, September 9, 2011


This trip to B.C. sure is full of re-unions for me.  I re-connected with more old friends - Leona and MJ – we figure it definitely has been over 20 years since we saw each other last.  It has been fun going down memory lane for sure !!

Getting to Goose Lake in a 40’ Class A was a challenge indeed.  First of all from Little Fort, BC to the road you turn off to the Lake has a 8% grade incline.  There were points when 20MPH was the max ‘Da Hulk could do.  Here we are stopped to get water for their tanks – notice Leona is NOT happy getting her picture taken and is giving me ‘the finger’ from behind her back.


This pic she at least was a little more civil !!


MJ was dutifully taking care of my boy while I was snapping pics…..


This is Leona’s “in jail’ pic……….notice “the finger” again !!


Once I conquered the steep hill I then had to conquer the road getting into the lake.  I didn’t take pics but the approach was to walk in first to size it up to see if ‘Da Hulk could manage it.  I was doubtful but decided to give it a go.  Thankfully it was a short distance and with Leona’s masterful guidance I did manage to get the rig in…………undamaged.  This is an old logging road and there are huge rocks in the middle of it and huge dips.

We sit back for awhile in my rig and there will be no hope for Bennie by the time I get outta here as he is being spoiled so bad…………


The next day (Wednesday, August 31st) it was FREEZING here.  I even had to resort to warming up my clothes before I could put them on………….


These gals arrive at this place in May and don’t go back home until sometime in September.  MJ likes to fish and I thought of Jim and Sandie  as they would have a great time boondocking here.  This is their campsite……….


It did warm up eventually and we went for a nice walk through the woods.  But my boy got into something – looks at his paws and face !!


He did enjoy his walk though…………


A pic of the Lake……….


Lots more Blog posts to publish as I am now back in the land of the Internet.


  1. Looks like our kind of spot. Jim and MJ could really have fun swapping fish stories. He's really suffering cause he hasn't been fishing at all this summer. Need to get him back to AZ so we can settle and he can go every day. Well, maybe not every day. But often. Are you still lovin' Da Hulk?

  2. Glad you are back to civilization----but Goose Lake sounds like a wonderful spot to be---peaceful & quiet.

    Where are you hanging your hat now---heading back to the lower mainland or staying in the Interior?????

    Isn't the weather great---can this be BC ?????

    Lynn. Vancouver.

  3. Sandie, You guys would definitely LOVE this spot - especially Jim. He could fish every day !!
    Yes, loving 'Da Hulk but huge learning curve again plus the ramp door is still presently some challenges. Getting that dealt with next week.

    Lynn, Spent some time in Abbotsford and this weekend in Chilliwack with Marilyn. Heading to POCO on Monday. Man oh man is it HOT here today !!