Saturday, September 10, 2011


While I was at Goose Lake I noticed water where the bottom drawers meet the floor in the kitchen area.  Thought initially that perhaps I had just spilled something so I dried it up and within seconds there was more. I had the hot water turned on for the dishes.


Not liking that I then checked under the sink.  Sure enough two of the hose connections were leaking.

So not knowing how far the water went, I then proceeded to take the bottom drawers out….


Dried up the water that ran from under the sink to the last drawer area and then Leona came to the rescue.  She released some of the pressure from the hot water tank and that ‘seemed’ to solve the problem.

MJ then came over and tightened the connections.  That also ‘seemed’ to solve the problem but the next day when I turned the hot water on again one of the hose was still leaking albeit much slower.  I tightened that connection a little more and so far so good.

Definitely will be keeping an eye on that for the next while.  Learning – learning – learning SO much about this RV living !


  1. By the time we get all the RV leaks sealed, we'll be springing leaks of our own. Good luck with the tightening.


  2. There will always be something wrong. No matter how hard we try to fix everything, something else goes wrong. Keeps the old gray matter functioning trying to solve all these problems.

  3. Ya I agree you guys. Keep reminding myself that my 'home' is on wheels and does get thrown around a bit !! LOL