Sunday, August 7, 2011


Back in ‘da day – and I mean in the mid 70’s a whole lot of us moved from Newfoundland to Vancouver.  Many of us did not know each other but when one Newfie is here – well ‘knowing’ another one just doesn’t matter – you just arrive and move into wherever the first one was living.  I think (that is before we got evicted !) there ended up being about 15 of us in the same house !!  We came from Logy Bay, Outer Cover, Torbay, Pouch Cove…..

So I’m settled in this RV Park in Birch Bay and I receive an e-mail from an old work friend who tells me that another old friend (Marilyn) and her husband George have a trailer in Birch Bay. I reply saying wouldn’t it be hysterical if their trailer was in the same RV Park that I’m in ! hahaha

I get chatting with the Owner here and on the off chance I ask her if she knows Marilyn and George – SHE DOES !  They have had a trailer in this very same Park for 10 years now.  I mean what are the chances !!  I haven’t seen Marilyn in at least 30 years !!  The Owner e-mails them to say an ‘old friend’ is here in the Park and asks if they were coming down on the weekend.  BTW, as I’m behind on my posts, this was last weekend (July 30/31).  Naturally they reply asking who it was but I told the Owner NOT to give them my name so she only told them that it was someone from NL.  Now you can imagine how curious Marilyn was.

George comes down a day early and when I see his truck in their driveway I go over. I probably only met George once or twice back then. Of course we hit it off right away and we hung out for dinner and a great fire outdoors.



He sent a text to Marilyn saying the ‘mystery person’ was here. Marilyn shows up the next day and I just saunter over and she sure was surprised. Cried and everything !! haha Well we had a fine gab and sat around the fire well into the night. OK, OK – that’s the very late hour of 11:00PM for me these days !! LOL

Here are two pics of Marilyn and I back in ‘da day…..


But Marilyn is not done with being surprised just yet.  I tell her Wayne (another NL friend) just lives in Tsawwassen and I’ll try to get him and Judy down here for the weekend.  Wayne shows up and off the three of us go over to Marilyn’s.  Here’s Wayne and Marilyn back in ‘da day……..


I think the following pics will show Marilyn’s surprise when Wayne showed up better than any words….






A really awesome reunion weekend for sure.


  1. Just love the old photos of you, Marilyn & Wayne----you haven't changed that much over the years----NOT !!!!!!!!

    Glad to see you finally posted. Enjoy this great weather.

    Lynn. Vancouver.

  2. That reunion looks great. I love things like that. I'm really happy for you, Wayne and Marilyn...what fun.

  3. You're behind on posting - I'm behind on posting and reading. So I'm just catching up with you now. Those old pictures are just wonderful. Makes me feel better to know that most of us do change as we get older. Glad you finally got that winch thingie working. Sure am looking forward to seeing you down south this winter.