Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Last week was a quiet week in RV Land as my energy level and motivation level was quite low.  I did finally put up my new State Map.  When I did the other one on the Access I put stickers on every State I ‘drove through’.  This time I’m only putting stickers on the States I’ve actually spent time in.  The RV Guru’s of the world tell me that’s the proper way to do it.


No major rides last week – only short little runs along the beach area where I stopped and watched an older couple canoeing.




And a young teenage couple hanging out ignoring each other as that’s apparently what teenagers do these days when they like each other.


More beach scenes….


Some old friends came down to visit and have lunch.  I immediately knew this place was going to be nice when I saw this sign outside:



This restaurant has been around for awhile and I just LOVED this pic they had on the wall:


These two women worked with me while they were teenagers going through University.  We thoroughly enjoyed our lunch, the view and catching up.



George (Marilyn’s husband) came down on Friday and invited me over for a BBQ.  His friend Doug (who also has a trailer in the Park) joined us as well.  We BBQ’d hot dogs on the open flame and I have to tell you it was the BEST hot dog I’ve ever tasted.  Then George BBQ’d burgers and we had salads with that.


Sat back then and enjoyed the fire.  George makes the best fires for sure.


On Saturday Marilyn came down and we went to the Market to get all the fixin’s for dinner that evening as more old friends (John and Elaine) were coming down.  Now I’ve seen Elaine recently, however, it has to have been over 20 years since I’ve seen John.  AND I didn’t take one pic !!  But again we had a great meal followed by a great fire.

Sunday morning was packing up day as my stay in Birch Bay had come to an end.  I really enjoyed my time there.

Kamloops at the H.O.G Rally up next !


  1. I think we all kind of get into that mood during the summertime. Certainly not motivated to work on a blog post but I'm trying hard. Glad you're having a good time with old friends. And a rally? You're turning into a social butterfly.

  2. You lucky buggar, love to be at the rally also!!

  3. Good to get an update from you. Bennie looks right at home as usual!