Sunday, August 14, 2011


British Columbia is without a doubt one of the most scenic places in Canada ….. when it doesn’t rain !!  Vancouver in particular, despite being a major City, maintains its beauty as it is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean with magnificent mountains in the background.

I lived in Vancouver from 1974 to about 1990 and got to know the City and surrounding areas quite well.  I have a lot of good memories from those days and one of them is the many camping trips up the Squamish Highway to Alice Lake Provincial Park. We would start camping on the May long weekend and then every weekend until the Labour Day long weekend.  The drive there was and still is breathtaking and something I wanted to do on the bike.  So on Friday morning I packed my lunch and off Bennie and I went. In hindsight, the only mistake I made was going through downtown Vancouver to get to the Highway.  The traffic was brutal and my clutch hand was working overtime which really irritated my left shoulder.

In all fairness to this major error on my part, when I did that drive so many years ago it was from the West End of Vancouver and of course the way to go.  I had just gone over the Lion’s Gate Bridge when I needed a rest so pulled off onto a side street to this spot where Bennie and I took a little rest.


There still is no familiarity even on this well used (by me) route as apparently this Highway was given a major face lift prior to the Olympics.


I stopped at this gorgeous little pull off spot for yet another rest and for Bennie to stretch his little legs.



Here are a few short video clips of this ride……which does not do any justice to this awesome drive.  Trying to take video while riding a motorcycle is challenging at best and even more so as this is quite a twisty road……but I tried !! LOL


I had hoped to make it to Whistler ==== didn’t.  I had hoped to make it to my old stompin’ grounds of Alice Lake ==== didn’t.  I had hoped to make it to Squamish ==== didn’t.  I just got too late of a start (didn’t leave Birch Bay until almost 11:30AM) and that delay going through downtown Vancouver now put me into the middle of the afternoon.  I didn’t even make it to “Murrin Lake”

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I had already eaten lunch before this stop so had my dessert….


Stopped at Horseshoe Bay along the way back.  Horseshoe Bay is a small little ‘village’ that is a popular tourist attraction.


This is where you take the ferry to Victoria (and I think other smaller Islands but I’m not sure) so I sat along the water and just watched the boats pull in and out and watch all the people.


And yes, even stopped to enjoy and appreciate all the beautiful flowers.


While sitting by the water I watched this guy playing with his dog by throwing a ball into the water.  This dog sure was getting very good exercise and kept bringing the ball back to his Owner for more fun catching and swimming.

Oh, and more dessert…..the GOOD kind !!


I arrived back at the Border at 7:15PM to a ONE HOUR wait to get across.  Needless to say I was exhausted by the time I got back and had clocked about 230km’s/143miles.  And my poor darling little Ben Man was not fit to talk to either for the rest of the night and the entire next day.  Too much for us old folks !!  hahaha


The next day (yesterday), and even today, I paid dearly for this little run.  I was barely functional and my left shoulder was screaming bloody murder all day. This makes me wonder (worry) how much longer I’ll be able to ride my bike ??  Trying not to focus on that though and live in TODAY.


  1. Stunning scenery! And little Bennie is so adorable!

  2. You need to quit having these marathon rides. Then maybe you won't irritate your shoulder so much. And also Bennie might be happier with you. This is your other mother speaking. Take care.

  3. I hear you with the clutch exhaustion. I finally decided there's too much traffic, therefore, too much stopping and starting with a clutch, so I've gone automatic. Much easier. But not on a motorcycle, they scare me.

  4. D...great photos.....superb scenery