Friday, August 26, 2011


I’ve been in Kamloops now for 4 days and a guest of the Costco RV Park……no amenities but the price is good !!  LOL  Lots of RV’s here every night and today being Friday they are coming in here in droves.  Glad I got my spot.  Today I had to turn the rig around though because all the afternoon/evening sun was pouring into the garage and it was too hot to sit out there.  It’s been in the high 20’s to low 30’s – C – that’s low to high 80’s for my American friends.  HOT HOT HOT !

Kamloops is a fairly large place with a population of about 85,000 and is full of hills.  Everywhere you go you are either going up a steep hill or down one.

I’m here because the the City is hosting the 2011 Canadian National HOG Rally.  There hasn’t been much going on so far but today the rumble of bikes is heard everywhere.  Every hotel/motel has bikes parked in front of it.  I don’t participate in any of the events as I just like to hang around the sidelines and people/bike watch.

There was a Poker Run but the distance was too far for me so Bennie and I went on a little run ourselves.  It was a HOT day.  The roads were in perfect condition and the scenery was gorgeous.

I really gotta clean my windshield !

Lunch break at Stump Lake Rest Stop.  Unfortunately there was NO SHADE there so it was eat and run.


The Lake was so still you could hardly tell the difference between the surrounding area and the reflection of it in the water.  It was so peaceful there and I would have liked to stay longer.


When I got back went to the HD Dealer and just hung out there for awhile.  Not a whole lot going on there yet.


I went on another short run in the early evening when it had cooled down a little – not a lot though.  It was difficult riding back with the glare of the sun.  And again I REALLY gotta clean my windshield !!  LOL


It’s Friday afternoon at 4:00PM as I’m trying to function to finish this Blog – it’s 29C/84F – I really can’t handle the heat can I !!  LOL


  1. Sassy, glad you made it to the to see some pix and video or e-mail me some!!

  2. I didn't know you could overnight free at COSTCO - but I'll sure ask next time I'm shopping at one.