Saturday, August 27, 2011


At the Harley Davidson Dealership early in the day……..


But when the blaring music started I was outta there !!  Too OLD for that these days.  LOL

But I did get to meet some great people at this table………

These pics were taken on Saturday at a Sports Arena parking lot in Kamloops and the ‘games’ were held here.  It was a great turn-out – riders constantly coming and going but lots left early because it was so HOT.  At this point in the early afternoon it was about 34C/93F.



This is a ‘slow race’ to see who could ride the slowest and keep their balance. Keep an eye on the red bike, third from the left……….

This is the little slip of a thing riding that monster bike who won the race !!!!

06 - Copy

Bennie and I had to get out of the heat so we went inside the Arena where it was air conditioned.


At this point in the day we hightailed it over to the grass and under a tree in the shade.  They were doing the Circle 8 game but I was a little far away.  You can still see it though.

I met up with Bren and her hubby (from the HD Forums) who are from Victoria, B.C. and hung out with them today.  Notice my feet !!



  1. It's hot here in Gillette also and I am so tired of it. I wouldn't have lasted at your Rally with either the heat or the loud music. Sure lots of bikes and people sure seem to be having a great time. Stay out of trouble now.

  2. Its a wonder you could hear the music over the rattle of those noisy Harleys' . Where are the Kawasaki's......I see that Yamaha and Victory looked like they where hosting the event......

  3. Bob, A strange set-up for the HD dealer for sure with the other bike shops in the same parking lot.