Tuesday, August 30, 2011


The rally is over, a good time had by all with not a drop of rain for the whole weekend – the bikers sure liked that.  Perfect weather conditions, albeit a smidge too hot for me.

I was going to start heading back to the Vancouver area but Sunday morning I get an e-mail from old friends of mine from my ‘Vancouver days’ – ie 70’s to early 80’s.  We had reconnected via e-mail about a year or so ago but I haven’t seen them in about 25 years !!  Their e-mail said they are in Goose Lake, boondocking, and why don’t I come on up there after the Rally.  OK, why not, I say to myself.  Because I can you know.

This place must be quite remote because there is no cell phone service there = NO INTERNET for me YIKES !!  What will I do !!??  Oh Me Nerves, I will for sure go into withdrawals !!

This place is about 120 km’s North of where I am now and part of the Highway to get there (about 10 - 15 miles) is straight UP with an 8% incline !!  Da Hulk will sure be challenged with that.

Also the actual road getting to this Lake is quite bumpy so these friends are meeting me here in Kamloops to check out the height of my rig to see if they think it will bottom out on this rough road.  So I may not really be going there.

I sure hope I can get though because this place sounds awesome.  Will let you know when I get back to ‘civilization’.


  1. Sounds like an excellent plan! Take lots of notes and give us a report when you are re-connected.

  2. Very interesting - I hope you're able to make it. Can't wait to read about this adventure. Besides the location and difficulty, it's always so nice to see old friends and catch up.

  3. Sassy, I don't think you should worry about bottoming out on an regular road paved or dirty unless yer going down a logging road!! Never worry too much about height eaither unless yer on a very old remote road in ten buck two!!

  4. Hay......you didn't start that fire......