Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Still organizing and settling in the new (to me) rig and I expect I’ll be doing that for quite some time !  LOL

There were two strips off on the night tables in the bedroom that was on ‘my list’ of things to fix.  The other day I figured it’s time to deal with them.


I thought I’d be able to do this by simply lifting one part of the mattress out of the way.  But when I did that I saw hinges so I got curious and took the whole mattress off - and that was no easy task but I managed it.  Hmmmm – hinges mean something goes up right ! 


And look what I found !!!!


Now for those of you who do not live in about 50 sq. ft. of space do not truly realize the value of finding extra storage space !  A gold mine indeed !!  I have far too many extra sheets, quilts etc. and even an extra duvet !  These items had already been moved THREE times so far to where (I thought) was now their permanent home.  Guess not !

I hauled everything out of where it was and moved them in this under bed storage.


Then I proceeded to glue and clamp those strips back on the little night tables.


And you think this ‘retirement’ is all fun !  Not so ! Always something to do.

Another thing I got done was the ‘couch’ in the garage.  I knew there was a way whereby you could make the top bunk stay up and just bring the bottom bunk down and it makes into a couch.  But naturally I couldn’t figure it out !  LOL  No surprise there huh.  But there is a wonderful young couple next door and this guy simply cannot sit still for a second.  Reminds me of my friend Wayne.  Next thing he’s over here and got it all figured out for me in a matter of seconds.


The bottom bunk makes into TWO couches !  Pretty cool huh !  I may never use it but I wanted to know how to do it just in case.


  1. You not only found new storage, but it's HUGE. What a great find! I'm constantly amazed at how much these little RVs hold. My under-couch storage is my large area where I put things that I will probably never need, or seldom use. Like my wool coat, things like that. :)

  2. You did find a gold mine. We've been talking about taking the bed innards in the couch out and building a storage box in there. We really don't need an extra bed or we can just bring our air mattress along. So many things to think about.

  3. What a COOL thing to discover!!! Extra bedding is what i put in that space too and the winter things, just in case....

  4. It IS huge ! I got all the extra stuff in there. Not easy to get at though for when I need to take it out - but I don't plan on having guests so that likely will be never !! LOL

    Sandie, I think that's a great idea !

  5. Finding an unexpected storage space is almost as good as . . . um.... well, gosh, golly, gee whiz it's grrrrrreat!