Tuesday, August 30, 2011

300 DAYS !!

WOW – And here I thought I wouldn’t make it past Whitbourne !  LOL

Sure has been an ‘eventful’ 300 days hasn’t it folks.  When I think of how little I knew – how much I’ve learned – how much I’ve yet to learn – well, a life time wouldn’t be enough time.

But I have to say – not a second’s regret.  More folks should do this.

Here’s to the next 300 days…….


  1. Congrats on your first 300 days. Soon it will be a year - wow! I'm at 90 days, and have sooo much more to do and see, places to go, people to meet. I agree with you, not a second's regret. Surprisingly, considering the huge lifestyle change, that is what most full-timers seem to feel.
    Here's to your next 300 - may they be even better than the first. :)

  2. As Alfie would say 'by da Jesus!'

    You have been a busy girl! LOVE the new rig! Amazing! I don't know how you do it but you do! Mom might be coming this way again at the end of Sept, any idea where you'll be at that time? Glad to see you reconnected with some old friends.Lots of fun! I think I recognized them as M W and A M H? Am I right? Take care and stay safe! Love Marilyn!

  3. Marilyn, I'll likely be in the Osoyoos area by the end of September.