Saturday, July 2, 2011


So despite very poor Consumer Reports, backed up by numerous entries on the RV Websites noting the countless things that have gone wrong with the Thor Outlaw, the fact that the ramp door literally fell apart in front of my eyes – I decided to buy it !!!  Well, make an offer anyway.  Don’t forget I am IN LOVE !!  In love with the colour scheme, the layout,  and particularly the fact that I wouldn’t have to tow anymore.

When I called the Salesman to make my offer he told me it was already SOLD !  What !!??  It had only been 2 days ??  There were others of course, in various parts of the Country, but not in the same City that I was at the time.

In hindsight (because I wasn’t thinking rationally at the time)- some would question if I ever think rationally LOL – ‘da Big Guy was definitely looking out for me as all the warning signs were there.

HOWEVER, During this time and research I was told about other motorized toy haulers and in particular the Newmar Canyon Star 3920 – so back to googling I go as I proceed on my way back to Canada.

I found one in Langley, B.C. which was very close to where I was going to be staying at M & M RV Park.  It was a 2010 (new) that had been sitting on the Dealer’s lot now for almost 2 years – surely I was going to get a smokin’ deal on it ??


  1. Sandie, I got an e-mail from a friend of mine (aka The Accomplice) and she said "It really does make me want to see your next post and I know what happened next!! LOL"