Monday, July 4, 2011


Hmmmm,  Where did I leave of ?  Yes, That Coach in Florida is gorgeous isn’t it !!  But that one last google search revealed one in the Southern California area (not as  nice as the one in Florida though !!) that was priced very competitively.  I started my telephone and e-mail conversations with the Salesman.  Now remember folks this is way back in May.  Additionally, I started the research as to what would be required should I buy a Coach in the United States.  Several years ago I bought my Harley from Florida, however, I hired a Broker to handle all the paperwork and details.  Remember that fiasco Byron !!!  LOL

I spent several weeks deliberating over the situation – working the numbers – which included trading my Access and the trailer.

Finally I decided to pop down to make this deal happen !!  POP DOWN !!  Ya, Right !!  Only 1,400 miles ONE WAY !!  But I justified it in my head that the weather in B.C. was really getting me down plus I’d stop by L & L RV Park at the same time.

Once I arrived things did not go as planned.  I had a long post prepared noting all the details but I’ve decided to omit all of that.  Let’s just say that the Salesman (part Owner of the Company) did not do his homework regarding the requirements for many aspects of this deal nor did he provide full disclosure regarding the condition of the rig.  I will say (‘cause I know he’ll be reading this) that he did make every attempt to make things right.  The other Owner, whom I’ll call The Divine Mrs. G, saved the day.  What a wonderful person she is and we had many long chats.  There were many frustrating times during that week and I even considered packing it all up and heading back to Canada without closing the deal.  There were just too many things that I was told before I left Canada that didn’t turn out to be accurate once I arrived at the Dealership. 

Normally I would name this Dealership, however, because The Divine Mrs. G was so gracious and helpful I have chosen not to. And all things were made right in the end. 

After eight long days the deal finally closed !!  I now own a 2010 Newmar Canyon Star 3920 (Toy Hauler) !!  Oh Me Nerves !!  No more towing the little pup !!




This picture was taken when I first pulled into the Dealership and saw this rig for the first time.


A little video of Bennie and I checking it out to see if this is going to be our new home….

And then after eight gruelling days here we are finally heading back to Canada !!



  1. WOW, that's all I can say. WOW.

  2. OMG! I can barely make you out in the photo! How do you like it? What does Bennie think?

  3. Holy Moly...really nice. Congratulations, well done!

  4. #1 I'm absolutely positively jealous, envious, and whatever else there is of you right now!! By'es o by'es she's a beauty, almost wants to volunteer to come out there and drive ya around!!
    Congratulations Denise on your new rig and drive with care and safety and I'll take that upper bunk and guard OUR Harleys anytime..wink wink nudge nudge! Seriously....congrats!!

  5. I agree, WOW and WOW. It is gorgeous. How does it feel to drive it? Oh my word. I really don't know what to say. WOW. And congratulations.

  6. Hi there,

    Looks like you found yoursef a palace on wheels---you go girl !!!!!!!! Enjoy & drive safe.

    Lynn, Vancouver.

  7. LOL - Sandie I was waiting for you to chime in !! But I betcha you skipped all the reading and went straight to the pics !!

    She's great to drive - although quite different from the Class C and therefore will take some getting used to. But I CAN BACK UP !!

    Byron, You can come out here and drive me around anytime. I've reserved the top bunk for you !!

  8. Lynn, I won't be driving this thing through the streets of downtown Vancouver that's for sure !!

  9. Denise, That is one big-ass boat ... but it looks good on you! Cook

  10. Congratulation on your new home.......
    Bennie will have more room to play and the bike port likely doubles as closed in summer room with screen. Looks great.


  11. What a gorgeous rig! Bennie is quite the little tour guide!

    Cyndi & Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

  12. D......did it fit in the L & L campground lol...
    Waiting for a ride report.....


  13. Denise, I remember the fiasco back when, but you have a beautiful Softail to show for all the bullcrap you went through!! Now yer really stylin' with not only the Harley but also the big rig....congrats again!!


  14. Sandy, Yes it does have a screen in the garage AND a couch !! Oh My !! And NO it would not fit into L & L RV Park. Ride report coming soon.

  15. AWESOME SASSY!!!!!!!!!!! so Proud of you!!!!! as in WOW!!!