Wednesday, July 13, 2011


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Yes Folks I have driven in the neighbourhood of 15,000 miles and this is the first time this has happened.  And I still can’t figure out ‘how’ it happened ?? All the ratchet straps seemed to be still secured properly.

I’ve driven over some pretty bad Highway stretches – especially in South California where some parts of the I-5 are not fit to drive on.  Yet the bike never budged.

Yesterday I only drove from Tulalip, WA to Bellingham, WA – a whopping 44 miles – and when I pulled in I saw that the bike had fallen over ?

I have now added another ratchet so that will will not happen again.



  1. Denise, do you have a front wheel chock? I can't see in the picture. If you don't, email me.

  2. Sandie, Ya the bike appears to be ok, although I haven't had it out yet.

    Michael, Yes I do have a front wheel chock and the front wheel was completely out of it. A mystery for sure.

  3. No need to put a strap in the "upward position"...just pull it down and even on both sides front and rear, as you always have done!
    I think you have the front wheel chock that you just push your bike into it, maybe think about one that after the tire goes in, there's a piece at the rear of the front tire that comes up and snaps into place.

  4. Hi D.....time to update how you and Bennie travel.
    Just returned from 2400k bike trip around Lake Superior and Huron.

  5. Byron, I had it tied down exactly the same way as I always do. That's the mystery. The 'upward' strap is not tight but should it decide to fall again, this strap will hold it.

    Regarding the wheel chock, the one you described is exactly the one they installed in the new rig. BUT, I didn't have the strength to get the bike out of it !! Even the young teckie guy had to use a lot of pull and lift to get the bike out of it. So I had them take it out and put in the one I had in the trailer.

  6. Well, it's only got those two itty-bitty wheels to stand up on. Maybe your trike will fare better ...

    Good Luck Duck

  7. I think your problem was with the rear-end slipping to the side. Next time, maybe stop by the Harley shop and see what they say. If I was there, i would help you with this. I have trailered my bike many thousands of miles and only had one mishap when a strap broke.