Friday, July 15, 2011


Day 3 (July 4th weekend) of driving back to Canada revealed some problems. I am now driving through some stinkin’ HOT weather (100+F) and I pulled over for my rest – turned on the generator – turned on the a/c in the coach – about 30 seconds later the a/c cut out ??? At the same time I was using my computer and had it plugged in, I noticed that wasn’t charging either. Further investigation revealed I had no power anywhere ? Yes, the generator was running fine but I was not getting any power at all and in that extreme heat I sure needed the a/c. Any ‘rest’ was not going to happen so I got behind the wheel and kept driving until I reached Los Banos, CA where I pulled into Wally’s.

I endured an evening/night that I won’t forget for awhile ! Cursing at that gawd forsaken SUN that was oh so slow to go down. And even when it did, it didn’t provide any relief. I would turn on the engine and sit in the front seat letting the a/c try and cool me down. What was I going to do ?? Naturally stuff like this happens only when you are in a small town AND on a holiday weekend of course !

My Administrative Assistant (more about that later) found me a local RV Service place but of course they were closed for the holiday weekend. I did leave a message and much to my surprise the Owner called me back. Once I explained my horrible situation he did say he would try and contact one of his teckie people but no promises. He did call me back to say NO GO on that but perhaps the following day (Sunday).

The next morning I quickly realized I wasn’t going anywhere due to the heat.  I found an RV Park close by and THANKFULLY when I plugged in I had power and most importantly AIR CONDITIONING !!

Sure enough, the following day (Sunday) I get a call from the Owner of LOS BANOS RV CENTER, Bill Wyrick and he was able to contact one of his teckie people who agreed to come by and have a look to see what the problem was. They were able to determine the wire that was causing the problem but could not trace it back to the source.  Now remember Folks, they are working outside, crawling under the rig in 115F/46C of HEAT.  We agreed that because I at least had power now because I was plugged in, we would wait until Tuesday (July 5th) when they were open and the other teckies were there and they had the right equipment to check this out further.

I bring the rig in first thing Tuesday morning and it was quickly discovered that the Transfer Switch was fried !!  Have a look at these pics Folks !



This could have caused a very serious fire and potentially been fatal to me and Bennie.  To say I was not a Happy Camper would be an understatement.

Again THANKFULLY (due to Bill and his dedication to Customer Service) he was able to locate a new Transfer Switch locally and he himself immediately went out to get it.  With the new Transfer Switch in everything is now working fine and has been ever since.  A $600 bill that I sure wasn’t expecting and I am now in contact with Newmar regarding this.  They asked me to return the Transfer Switch to them (which I’ve done) and I am really hoping they are going to reimburse me for this cost.

Never a dull moment in Sassy’s world for sure !!

Bill and his Staff were fabulous and went above and beyond the call to get this dealt with quickly and get me back on the road.  Would highly recommend LOS BANOS RV CENTER !!

BTW, Prior to this I didn’t know but a Transfer Switch was fit to eat !!  LOL  Well now I sure know what it is – what it’s supposed to do – AND even where it is located !!! haha


  1. Hi D.......sorry to hear of your problems....looking at the picks it looks like someone had been fooling with it and didn't reconnect one of the wires and it shorted out when it did get power.
    Hopefully Newmar will come good.

  2. It's always something, isn't it? I'm glad you got the problem fixed and have A/C now. I went through the same "no A/C" in very hot weather, and it isn't fun. :)

  3. I am so thankful that you didn't have a fire. That transfer switch was definitely fried to a crisp. Keeping fingers and toes crossed that they reimburse you for this mess.

  4. Scary stuff! Glad you 2 are OK. I predict you are about to have a long streak of good things to happen!

  5. Hi D, Boy trouble sure seems to find you---sure glad it didn't set you on fire!!!!

    Are you back in Canada now---& did you bring this DAMM rain with you???????

    Where the heck did our summer go---we are wet & the rest of the country is stiffling hot---no happy medium.

    Take care, Lynn. Vancouver.

  6. Kimmer, I'm sure due for a LONG streak of good things for sure. I haven't even talked about the extra $5,300 in PENALTIES (no, not taxes) I had to pay at the Border & the 4 hours of being 'interrogated' there !!

    Lynn, Yup, back in Canada. Been hanging out at Wally's in Abbotsford since Wednesday dealing with the NL Motor Registration in order to get the rig registered and plates. Hope to have them by early next week.

  7. Penalties, Interrogation, do they take you for a crook? Seeing your love of Harley's I thought you might enjoy the story at the following link, not Harley's but the 74 year old's comment brought a big smile to my face along with chills to my spine.: