Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Been busy since I got back into Canada last week and been hanging out at Wally’s.  Had to deal with getting the new rig registered and getting the plates couriered to me here from NL.  In order to do that I had to get a Safety Inspection done.  During that inspection they found a ‘differential leak’ or is it a ‘leak in the differential’ ??  Either way I haven’t a clue what it is other than the fact I don’t like it when people tell me there’s a leak.  That always sounds serious to me !!  Also, two of the three straps that was holding up the generator exhaust pipe were broken.


Brought the rig into WESTERN STAR TRUCKS for the Inspection and other work.  The guys there were amazing !  Sergio, Andy, Eddie and Jamie sure went above and beyond the call.  Sergio was able to get me in immediately and they also tried to come up with a solution to my garage ramp door.  You see that door is one HUGE and very HEAVY door and while I’m able to open it, sadly I do not have the strength to close it by myself.

They spent hours trying to come up with a simple solution (and didn’t even charge me for that part !!) by loosening and adjusting the tension on the cables.  It helped but not enough.  Each time they would make an adjustment they would ask me to try it.  The last time I tried it I hurt something in my left shoulder – yes, that same area that caused me immense grief about two years ago and was the cause of this trip being postponed by 1 1/2 years !

Lots of fear set in that day and the following day when that oh too familiar pain was in the shoulder and naturally my head only thinks positive thoughts !!  Oh like – “Crap, I just got this lovely new rig and now I have to sell it and return to the Condo”….. or “I ruined my shoulder for good this time and now I’ll never be able to ride my bike again !”  The aching is still there but thankfully it has subsided some.  Really gonna have to be very careful with lifting anything for sure.

Did take time out to meet up with Mrs. Tang – my FANCY MAP maker.  She wanted to see the rig ‘in real life’.  I think she was a tad surprised by its size and had to park her itty bitty car next to Ms. Star (aka THE HULK) just to get a concept of the size.



Bennie of course if never very far from the action but he sure looks sleepy in this pic !


Had a deee-lish breakfast/early lunch at IHOP.  You see, when I get lost or simply make a wrong turn, that saucy Mrs. Tang e-mails me and says “I told you……..blah blah blah”.  So after Brunch I was determined to take her out for a ride – well I wanted her to drive but she was too much of a woose to take on THE HULK – so she could see for herself that you drive this thing carefully and if you miss a turn then it could be miles and miles before you find a place to get turned around.  I think she got the message !!


Then stopped by to see some old friends in Langley


Bennie really likes to be on my lap in this rig and having his head out the window.  Tried to rig up something whereby he was comfortable…


But perhaps a smidge too comfortable as he started to get too brave !!


Can’t have him doing that while I’m driving !!  More on the ramp door problems in a bit.


  1. Poor baby, I understand shoulder pain. It has plagued me for several years. I have two friends that installed electric motors on their ramps. You might look into that.

  2. OUCH! I feel your pain, literally! I do excercizes a few times a day to fend off the tendonitis!

    Hey! did you add your review to I think it's a great resource and would be awesome to see the good guys get the $$$ and the bad guys, maybe learn a lesson about what happens when they do shoddy work.

    Cyndi & Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

  3. Whoowhee! That is one big rig, Mama! Of course, that's what I say to myself, too, when our truck is hooked up to the 5er. I look at it and think, "Wow - I do the towing?!?!" Yep! You are WOMAN, see you RV! :)

  4. Just LOVE the Hulk... and your cute little doggie.

  5. Is there any way to install something on the order of a garage door lifter that would pull the door closed for you? Somebody out there has to be creative enough to come up with something for you. You cannot hurt that shoulder any more.

  6. Bennie is so cute! I like your rig. :)