Monday, July 11, 2011


They have NO Sales Tax and all their Gas Stations are FULL SERVICE !!  Makes you wonder why other States/Provinces have to charge so much in taxes !!  In Canada we pay 12% on every purchase.  Disgusting !!  So when I’m travelling through here I make sure I get everything done while I’m here. Sure makes a difference on a large purchase.

I took advantage of this by getting the RV engine oil changed and the oil/filter changed on the generator.  I also got all oils changed on the Harley.  YUP, That was an expensive day.

And despite the fact that I’ve been up and down this route a few times now already, it still startles me when an attendant comes to the door ready to pump my gas.  LOVE the fact that I don’t have to get out of my rig.

On another subject is EAR PLUGS.  I learned very early in the game that I needed ear plugs.  You see when I was a young lass I could sleep through a storm.  My Mother was always amazed.  But now I’ve become very noise sensitive and the least noise keeps me awake.  As you know when I travel from Point A to Point B I pull into Walmarts or the big Truck Stops.  Walmarts are fine but those Truck Stops are very loud !!  Hence I need ear plugs.  The other night I had them in and I must have taken them out in my sleep as I found one in the bed and the other on the floor the following morning.  The other night I needed the ear plugs and for the life of me I could only find one.  hmmmm  I searched and searched !  On the bed – by the sides of the bed – in the drawer….. The other one was no-where to be found ??  Oh well I figured, I’ll likely find it the next time I change the sheets.  And in the meantime next time I’m at Wally’s I’ll simply get another pair.

The next morning Bennie was outside doing his morning ‘business’.  I noticed (as only a Mom would) that ‘something’ was coming out……well, let’s just say it wasn’t the ‘colour’ it should be.  I was immediately worried as he had gotten into something the previous day while we were walking along the river.  Was this blood !!??  Upon closer examination (as only a Mom would do), I saw that it was THE EAR PLUG !!  I considered taking a pic for the Blog, but decided to spare you guys !!  LOL  I even considered………….oh nevermind…….

Mystery of the missing ear plug solved.  I did buy a whole package of NEW ear plugs the next time I was at Wally’s.


  1. Bennie was my first suspect. LOL!

    I'm a light sleeper too, unfortunately. What works really well for me is a floor fan. It's inexpensive, provides a buffer for noise, and is much more comfortable than ear plugs. Just make sure it's a "noisy" one.

    I also use a white noise machine at work when I really have to focus. The brand name is "Sleep-Mate" and it's sold on

  2. I also sleep with a floor fan near my head. It serves a dual purpose for me as it helps me with my sleep apnea.

    Cute post.

  3. Oh Bennie - I'm sure glad everything came out okay. Skittlez likes to eat bandages. So we have to be careful with those things. And as I've gotten older, my hearing has gotten worse and I can sleep through just about anything.

    New Jersey is the other state where they pump the gas for you. The first time we got gas in Oregon, Jim jumped out and started pumping. The gal came out and was so friendly and nice, but she let him finish and then quietly told him about full service. We had a great laugh.

  4. Kimmer, I didn't even suspect Bennie at all !! And fans require electricity.....Besides, I think that 'noise' would keep me awake also.

  5. I had such a laugh! You see our Maltese, Timmy, does the same thing! I buy those soft bright orange and yellow ear plugs. Well, you can imagine my shock the first time I saw the technicolour poop! Almost gave me a heart attack until I realized what it was!