Saturday, July 23, 2011


The winch is working FABULOUS !!  Now I’m not afraid to open the garage door in case there is no one around to help me close it – independent kinda gal that I am.

I’ve been on the road or just pulled in somewhere to park for the night now since June 15th – WOW, that’s over a month !!  I really needed to ‘settle’ somewhere for awhile but I had to get the license, registration and winch dealt with first so I have just been staying at Wallys.

The RV Parks in B.C. are horrifically expensive !!  And I mean like $40-$60 a day; average of $300 a week and anywhere from $600 to $800 a month !  Someone suggested I check out the Blaine/Birch Bay, WA area as it is just across the Border and very close to the Vancouver area.  I did and that’s where I’m settled now for a week.  I just found out today that they had a cancellation so I’ll be able to stay here for the next few weeks.  I really feel like I need to stay put somewhere for awhile.

This is the first time that I’ve hooked up with this rig and now that I can open/close the ramp door I have to overcome my next challenge. Getting the  bike in and out of the garage without having it fall on top of me.  The young guy at the Dealership didn’t give me a level of comfort when he was taking the bike out to install the wheel chock.  It skidded and he nearly dropped it but thankfully he was strong enough to keep it upright – I would not have been.

So that has been on my mind.  Up to this point I have only put the bike in once while at the Dealership and have not backed it out at all yet.  This ramp is STEEP !!

01 - Copy03 - Copy

02 - Copy

When bringing the bike up on the ramp the front wheel goes so high you ‘run out of leg’ and therefore cannot keep the bike balanced any longer so you have to make a ‘run for it’.  That didn’t make me very comfortable so I thought a couple of pieces of 2’ x 6’ boards might help….


I get the bike out as far as possible and size up the wheel placement to the board placement…

05 - Copy06 - Copy

I size everything up again but the reminder of that guy skidding down the ramp kept plaguing me and I was very nervous.  There’s a guy here at the Park that has a bike and I go to ask him for help but he’s not home.  I see another bike further down and I go there to talk with him.  Well he also has a toy hauler and said his ramp is very steep also and he (along with 2 of his buddies) came up to help.  In the meantime, the first guy gets home and he comes over also.  So I have quite the crew here now to help me with this.  I HAVE to figure out a way to do this myself though !

Thanks to this guy (can’t remember his name) he brought the bike down and back up twice and he didn’t skid so that helped.

07 - Copy08

You can see by the picture on the right where you ‘run out of leg’ and it’s at this point that you have to let it roll back on its own.  It’s also at this point when riding the bike into the garage that you can no longer ‘balance’ it so you have to basically make a run for it !!  EEEEEKKKK !! Now it’s time for me to give it a shot on my own !!!  Oh Me Nerves !!  My wee heart was just a pounding !!  But I have guys on either side of me should she decide to fall over.  First attempt was very shaky but I didn’t drop it.  Second attempt = much better !  Both times the guys were on either side of me but didn’t assist in any way.  WHEW !!  I CAN DO IT !!

Left the bike out of the garage so I could do some cleaning and organizing but mentioned to Pete that perhaps later on when I was ready to put the bike in would he come by……just in case…… But later on I decided to try it on my own and again I DID IT !  AND with relative comfort – not shaky at all !!  Thankfully that ‘challenge’ is over and was successful so now I am comfortable taking the bike out and putting it back it.

BTW,  One of the guys had a video camera so all of this is captured.  Don’t have that yet but will post it when I do !

What’s in store next I wonder !!??


  1. So proud of you! Hey, just remember, those ramps are SLICK when be careful, k? We're looking at putting 'something' on our ramp but haven't found the right product yet. I'll let you know what we figure out. Texas said it best, YOU ROCK!!

  2. You got that wench mounted, isn't there some way to hook it to the bike and let it do the work of getting the bike up and down the ramp while you walk beside the bike keeping it upright and operate the wench?

  3. I am so proud of you and amazed that you were able to conquer this ramp. But I agree with Christ, there has to be someway to winch that baby up in there somehow. Maybe you'll run into somebody who can figure that out for you.

  4. Chris & Sandie, The way the winch is now, no, there is no way to use it to pull the bike up. But I don't need it to do that anyway. I'm now going in and out of the garage with ease !! Just had to get over that initial fear.

    Another thing for Chris, I'd need both hands on the bike and a third hand for the winch. Nope, Can't be done. LOL

  5. Just throw those f'n 2x4s out and do it like it should be done with short legs and all, JUST TAKE YOUR TIME!! Those boards will cause you to have an accident.