Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Just getting awhile from my ‘travel’ blog for a moment to congratulate my nephew Stephen and his wife Allison on the birth of their first child.  This makes my sister a Nana for the first time.  I got a few pics from my sister but I just love this one !!

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  1. Heh, Great Aunty Denise---Congratulations. A new title for you.

    You forgot to mention---if the baby was a girl or boy!!!!!!!!!

    You can see the family resemblance between you & your sister.

    Happy thoughts to all the family.

    Lynn, Vancouver.
    PS. Where are you now---still in the USA--or back in Canada---with the "Palace on Wheels".

  2. That is a great picture. How's the new rig handling?

  3. I'm still in shock so I screwed up my last comment. Yes, I did go straight to the pictures. And I still say WOW. We will see you again next winter won't we in AZ?

  4. Hey Lynn, The baby is a girl - Baby Abigail. I'm in Oregon right now slowing trudging my way back.

    Sandie, YOU'RE in shock. Imagine how I feel. Still hasn't hit me. It will though when the first payment comes due !!! LOL

    Doing a post now on the rig handling and YOU BETCHA you'll see me in AZ (God willing) this Winter !!