Monday, July 18, 2011


Those of you who have been regular followers may recall that when I started out last year I had a GPS that my dear friend Peter named “Betty”.  And you may also recall that “Betty” met an early visit to the ‘gone senile’ place.  So NO, I am not talking about that “Betty”.

The one I am talking about is a real live person.  And old friend tracked me down via FACEBOOK and has been stalking me ever since !!!  I simply don’t have the heart to tell her to leave me alone so instead I decided to ‘reward’ her with the pleasure of my company.  Yes Folks, I have put her to work !!  Back in the day when she was a teenager working her way through school she was a very bright young woman and an over-achiever – and that part of her has not changed.

I would simply mention something – oh like, I wonder where I can find a Laundromat – and VABOOM next thing I know I receive an e-mail with a link to the nearest Laundromat.

When I had decided to ‘pop down’ to California to get out of the gawd awful rain here in B.C. I received a map with directions, little icons etc.  I would mention that I wondered if there were any Harley Davidson Dealers on my route and VABOOM my map would be updated with a little guy icon on a motorcycle.  Or I would mention I wonder where the Wally’s are on my route and same thing – icon of a shopping basket to reflect the Wally’s.

Well this map got so fancy I aptly name it my FANCY MAP.  This FANCY MAP got quite busy as it included every Wally's, every HD, every Truck Stop, every Rest Stop, every Blue Beacon Truck Wash, every Camping World on my route.  And of course each depicting a different little icon.  I should sell my FANCY MAP !!  People would pay good money to have all this info on their route – well people like me who wouldn’t have a clue how to create such a thing !!!

Then there were many FANCY MAPS later as I didn’t want to have to drive through Los Angeles coming back so I was sent this alternate route.  And I didn’t want to have to drive through Seattle either so yet another map.

I was talking with the Divine Mrs. G at the Dealership where I got my rig and told her about MY Betty.  Said to her “Everybody needs a Betty !”

“My” Betty has become my Tour Guide, my Administrative Assistant, my FANCY MAP creator, plus a gazillion other ‘Sundry Duties’ I assign to her on a regular basis. Now of course she is receiving a very handsome salary for performing such duties and I have to remind her on a regular basis how lucky she is to have such a fine job !!  This extremely HIGH salary is worth every penny as I wonder how I ever got out of my Mother’s driveway back in November without her help !!

Yup,  Everybody needs a “Betty” -  but you ain’t gettin’ mine !!


  1. I can't believe you won't share. Didn't your Mom teach you that sharing is the nice thing to do?

  2. While I'm not YOUR Betty, my name IS Betty and I can provide similar sterling services . . . for a price! :)

  3. Texas Yellow Rose, unless your price is pancakes at Denny's and willing to accept Sassy's multitude of "sundry duties" I doubt that Sassy will need another Betty.

    Sassy Rider's "Betty"

  4. Sandie, You wouldn't be able to afford MY Betty anyways - she's very expensive ya know !