Sunday, July 31, 2011


I’ve been here over a week now and it really is very nice.  The RV Park is very reasonably priced and nice – and quiet at night which I like a lot.  Here are a few pics taken when Bennie and I were out for a little run the other day…


And a few sunset pics….



This is the Office of the Park but Bennie DOES NOT like their little pooch !!  He was actually afraid so I had to put him up on the chair so he could get away…  Poor little one just wanted to play !!


Have I mentioned that this rig has FOUR TV’s !!!  And I don’t even watch TV !!  Had to take a pic of the one in the GARAGE of all places.  It also has one in the Bedroom, the Living Room AND yes, even one for outside !!  Me Nerves !



  1. I thought we were nuts with three TV's and we watch TV. But four of them. WOW. Our new home will only have one for awhile. Maybe someday we'll put one in the bedroom but not now. Poor Bennie.

  2. Hay.....where are the wi fi in that campground.......
    Sold the BMW to one of your neighbors in Lower Sackville Nova Scotia.LOL
    Looking for an Adventure Bike to do South America.
    Take Care......Lawrence is following your blog


  3. Where is ya my dear, I misses ya?? I checks on ya at least twice a day and NO SASSY!!

  4. Bob - always 'da nag about my laziness in keeping up to date with my posts !! LOL AND I even have FREE wifi in this Park. Will catch up now.

    Byron, Won't let me forget that wee error in your height ! Too funny !