Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Bennie finally got his very long overdue bath – yet I wonder why I bother !  He seems to like going under the rig and comes back out with this black mark all across his back.  But I had to bath him anyways, even if he was going to be filthy again the next day.


I spent a week at Nk’Mip RV Park and it was time to mosey on.  Wasn’t really sure where I was headed, however, determined that heading further into the Okanagan was way too far above my price bracket !  So thanks to my wonderful Tour Guide she found me a place just less than 70 km’s East of where I was for just $18.00 a night.  However, Before I could go anywhere I had to get out of the spot I was in.

Backing up was the only option !!  GROAN !  And also moving a couple of very heavy picnic tables !  Thankfully I managed to get myself outta there.

The place where I am now has absolutely no amenities or facilities other than 15 AMP at some sites but I love it here !!  There are only 12 sites and it is a municipal campsite on the Kettle River.  Here is ‘home’ for the next days:


One thing fascinating about this lifestyle is the people you meet.  At this campground I chatted briefly with a young woman (I’m guessing she’s only in her 20’s) from Germany.  She’s been in Canada only 4 weeks and is travelling around B.C. living in a pup tent and her bicycle is her mode of transportation !!

There is a disabled woman who is living in her car !!  And a small car at that.  You can’t see into the car because there is so much stuff piled right up to the roof.  I don’t see any room in there for her to stretch out and sleep ?? The guy who runs this place says she’s here all Summer and SITS in her car all day when the weather is bad – like today – it’s been pouring, with thunder and lightening all day and it’s not warm by any means.  He said he doesn’t charge her anything because she’s so poor.  OMG, We have so much to be grateful for !!

More ‘adventures’ await tomorrow I’m sure.


  1. You are right about gratitude. Life really is pretty good. What the heck are a couple of bumps in the road? nada!

  2. Looks like you found another great spot to camp. Yea!!! Making our trip back up to MT this year, we also saw several people living in cars. I guess it's better a car than a cardboard box but my heart does break for them. My home seems so luxurious compared to theirs.

  3. The disabled lady is so fortunate to not be charged. I wonder where she spends her winters.

  4. The guy who runs this place said she comes here every Summer but does have a place she can stay over the Winter.

    Today was gorgeous, however, the last two days it poured the whole day and it wasn't warm. She sat in her car all day. Oh My !!