Monday, June 13, 2011


I’ve come to the conclusion that if the riding folks of British Columbia want to ride – they do so in the RAIN.  Today we went through (again) three of the four Seasons.  One minute it was sunny and warm – next thing you know the temperatures drop whereby it feels like Fall and you have to close all windows and YES turn the heat on !!  Then the skies open and it pours.  An hour later it’s sunny again etc.  It was like that today several different times.  In between Summer and Fall I checked the FAR skies and it looked hopeful so I risked taking a short scoot into the next town of Rock Creek.


So it’s been raining off and on all day.  About 1/2 hour ago I looked out the window to see this amazing rainbow !!




Good thing I happened to look when I did because five minutes later it was gone.  Do rainbows move or fade I wonder ??  It’s been a long, LONG time since I’ve seen a rainbow in the sky and this had to be the brightest one I’ve ever seen.  Naturally the pics don’t capture the brightness.  I opened the window (and screen) and hung out the window to get these pics.  Then I looked the other way and put my coat over my head to go out and get some more pics.


Oh,  I forget to give you an update on Earl – the logger guy in the tent. He goes into the woods with a crew and cuts down and plants trees.  Said he’s been doing it for 22 years.  I ran into Earl again Friday evening and he was PIE EYED !!!  Oh, That’s probably just a Newfie expression – it means DRUNK !!  But as most drunks are, he was so funny.  Anyhooo, I saw him the next day and he was limping AND he had all of his hair shaved off.  Must have been a good night I guess.  LOL  He dropped by again today and I asked if I could take his pic for my Blog. So Folks, meet Earl….


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  1. Hello Earl. Nice photo... beautiful background and precious doggie. Earl ain't so bad himself ;-)