Friday, June 10, 2011


Life here in Midway continues to be quiet and peaceful and really quite lovely.  This place is not considered a ‘city’ nor even a ‘town’.  It is a ‘village’ with a population of about 600.  I’ve met some pretty interesting characters. A friend of mine asked if there was a McDonalds or Starbucks here !!! pffffft !!

First there was Don.  Don is retired and works at the local gas station (the ONLY gas station) part time for something to do.  Well, when I pulled up on the Harley he immediately took notice.  See, both Don and his wife are fellow Riders – and Harley riders at that.  She rides the oh so gorgeous Softail Deluxe.  Don dropped by the campsite for a visit after his shift.  He looked at my bent bumper and offered to at least take the bracket off and straightened that much out.  He returned it and put it back on today.  The bumper is still buckled, but hey the bracket is now corrected.  They are going for a run tomorrow to Penticton (weather permitting) and asked me to join them.  PRAY for nice weather !!


Then there was the 67 years old man (who told me very proudly several times his age) from Duncan, B.C.  that was on a bicycle and in a pup tent.  I asked where he was headed.  Halifax, Nova Scotia he replied !!  Folks, That’s 6,000 km’s/3,700 miles !!!  I asked him if he was going to “cross ‘da pond”.  No, he said, he’d done that just a few years back !!  He said he’s bicycled across the Country several times already over the years.

Then there was Earl.  Earl is a young man – well turns out he’s in his 40’s but I thought he was much younger than that – who lives in a tent here…………


Steve, The guy that runs the campground, let him put his tent in that shelter because it’s been raining so much over the last month.  Earl works in a logging place and he and the crew leave every morning at 6:00AM to go to work and late in the day he comes ‘home’ to his tent.

Then there was the two women who stopped by to chat today……Jerry Mae who lives in Greenwood (the next community) and Bobby (?? might not have her name right.  Jerry Mae has her mobile home up for sale and so desperately wants to travel full-time in an RV.  Any hesitations she had were completely diminished after talking with me for awhile.  Her fears were being a single women travelling alone (ie. safety) and secondly feeling like an outsider as she is single because there are so many couple RV’ers.  I think she left here pretty excited about the prospect.  Bobby also wants to buy an RV and travel, however, her husband is not ready yet to ‘give it all up’.

The ‘car lady’ is gone.  No idea where she went.  Her car wasn’t here all day yesterday nor today.  Steve told me today that he has no idea where she goes.  She just arrives, then leaves, then comes back.  He did confirm for me that she sleeps sitting up in the driver’s seat !!  I wondered about that as there is absolutely no other space in that little car !!

Speaking of Steve, well he’s really a lay back guy.  The rate here is $18.00 a day if you want a site with electric (only 15 Amps).  As I said before, there are no other facilities here.  So I just paid for one night and then we had two awful pouring down rain days and of course Steve wasn’t around.  I was thinking that when he did come around I might try to sweet talk him into a $15.00 a day rate seeing as I’m here for several days.  Well I didn’t even have to.  When he came by he mentioned that he will probably only charge me the $15.00 a day.  Then he asked me how long I was going to be here.  I said at least several more days.  Well, he said, that will make it a week – how about I charge you $100.00 for a week ?  Ahhhh Duhhhhh OK, I said !!

Looking for an investment opportunity ?  Well invest in these mosquito coils ‘cause I’m buying them by the CASE LOAD !!  I have them EVERYWHERE around my site !!!  Skeeters sure do love me.






Today was laundry day………….


And I really liked how this cloud looked………….



  1. Quite a list of characters! Sounds like a fun place to be, and a good price, too.

  2. Hey Denise, I guess Canada has it's share of characters as well---& you are getting to meet quite a few !!!!! Was through that area only once a few years back---lovely country.

    Do hope you get on that ride to Penticton.
    I'm heading out to Abbotsford to the Tradex centre for a quilt show with my sister---who's in town---so I'll be in your old stomping grounds tomorrow.

    Take care, Lynn. Vancouver.
    PS. So glad you got to Tickleberrys for that cone---worth every penny !!!!!!

  3. For someone who prefers to be "alone" most of the time you sure seem to be having lots of company. LOL That cloud picture is one of my favorite. You know me, I love those clouds. Where was Bennie today when you had all that company? I didn't see him in any of the pictures.

  4. Lynn, It really is a nice place to be. The drive here was awesome and I want to do it on the bike.

    Sandie, Ya I know !! LOL I'm usually just sitting or puttering outside and THEY come and talk to me. But THEY leave and that's good with me also. I deliberately took that cloud pic for you. And Bennie was never far away trust me.

  5. I go grocery shopping on my Harley, sometimes. It sure keeps the impulse buys down. I have some empathy for the car lady. See how blessed we are?

  6. Interesting place you're at. Some pictures of those folks would be nice.

  7. D......ask Steve if he has a 4X4 about 6 feet. It will actually be 3 1/2 inches square. Put it inside the bumper up to the beginning of the bend and gently push it in the opposite direction. This should take most of the bend out.


  8. Gypsy Boho, I didn't get any pics of these folks as we were too busy chatting. Plus I don't like to post pics of people on my Blog without their permission.

    Bob, I have a short length of 4 x 4 in the trailer but it's gonna take more than my strength to budge that bumper !