Sunday, June 5, 2011


Don’t know what the temperature got to yesterday but it had to be at least 30C/86F.  So I packed my lunch and headed back to the area I went to the other day to try and find this elusive turn off that would bring me to my next home.  Before that I went back to Google Maps and narrowed it down to between Oliver and Okanagan Falls and then kept zooming in until I could actually see the street names and noted that if I passed X street then I’d gone to far.  Off we went.

It was a gorgeous day to be on the bike and there were tons of other riders on the road.  Lo and behold I passed X street in Okanagan Falls so pulled in to a gas station to ask where ‘da bleep bleep bleep this street/road was.  It was just seconds from where I was.  Check this out – absolutely NO SIGNS !  Make no wonder I couldn’t find it !! The signs that were there advertised everything but the road/street name !!


Off we go onto this road and before long the pavement ended and indeed in the distance the road appeared to end as well.


I was not about to continue on this gravel road on the bike.  So that is where Bennie and I had our lunch and contemplated a Plan B.  Perhaps when I head out on Monday I may try this road further with the motorhome.  On the bright side I did see several great spots to boondock – if I wasn’t such a wuss !  They were not secluded however I still would be too nervous.  Darn !!

On this trip I did stop at Tickleberry’s as my friend Lynn suggested.


The ice cream was definitely deeeee-lish – but at $4.42 for a single cone it damn well should be !!  LOL

While at Tickleberry’s I bought this little basket….


I didn’t know I needed a wee little basket ???  But obviously I did.  Who knew !!  LOL  I did have something in mind when I did buy it though…...that ‘might’ get revealed next week.  And at $2.50 it didn’t break the Bank.

We then moseyed home to enjoy the rest of the afternoon and evening …..



I took a pic of this adorable little trailer because I know of at least 2 of my readers that will love this….


BTW, Here are the pics of the scratches I put on the bike !!!!

11 - Copy12

Today is another beautiful day here in Osoyoos, B.C. with a current temperature of  19C/66F (at 11:00AM) and a forecasted high of 31C/87.8F.  I’ll be sitting in the shade under the trees for sure.


  1. Hey, the scratches don't look too bad. Hardly noticeable. Some touch up paint would make them go away, I bet.

  2. If you hadn't told me about the scratches I wouldn't have seen them. Thank goodness the sun is shining here also. I'm ready for 80 degree weather.

  3. I can see them and I'm sure you can, too. Around here, I could get that fender repainted for $150. Even though my Harley is 11 years old, I like for it to look new.(and it does).

  4. I like how you captured the sun through the trees, particularly the second picture. Does one have to be really short to be able to stand up in one of those trailers? Looks like it to me.

  5. Sharon & Sandie: GASP !!! That's all I can see now on the bike.....those darn scratches !!

    Michael, I knew you'd understand.

    Four Windows, I'm sure you can stand up in that trailer as the people who were at the campsite were not short.

  6. I know how you feel about them scratches. It would bother the hell out of me, too.

  7. Scratches add character. I am glad you are feeling better. Lori wants to know if you are eating your vegatables, washing behind your ears, and wearing a fullface helmet. I know, I told her there is a reason you don't have a fkn grlfnd.

  8. Scratches....WTF!! Not puttin my John Henry on that comment! LOL!