Wednesday, June 1, 2011


While taking the bike out of the trailer today I scratched the front fender on the little dolly I have for the trailer.  I’m disgusted with myself for being so careless.  It’s very small but is very noticeable – to me at least !!  I’ll have to look into getting some touch up paint at the Harley Dealer in Kelowna when I get there.  First scratch on the bike that I’ve made !!

Today the weather finally co-operated enough for me to take a wee scoot.


The scenery was amazing and the route was straight UP with lots of very sharp curves.  I only went about 20 miles or so before I turned around. 



Check out this sign which is at the entrance to the Park.  Jeeze, If I saw a frikkin’ snake I’d boot it at 100 KPH !!!


When I got back from my ride I sat outside and had a lovely cuppa and enjoyed the sun glistening on the Lake.


Bennie had no interest of course as he was too intent on chewing his bone.  He also had no interest in laying on the CLEAN mat, instead he preferred to lay on the dirt !  Yup,  That’s my boy !!


The forecast for tomorrow is looking good so I plan on packing a lunch and heading out and about on the bike.  Fingers crossed !!


  1. Sorry about your scratch. But at least that means that you've been able to take it out of the trailer and ride it. Snake crossing!!!! I really don't like those things. And Bennie looks so happy with his bone on the dirt.

  2. ARGH! Those first scratches are REALLY painful. Coming home to that view should remove some of the sting!

    Cyndi & Stumpy @ RVly Ever After