Sunday, June 12, 2011


The weather here in British Columbia is so crazy even the weather website can’t figure it out !!

Yesterday, It was forecasted for thunder storms in the afternoon.  The morning was gorgeous and very warm.  I wanted to take a wee scoot into Grand Forks which is only about 45 minutes from here.  Figuring as it was so nice in the morning I thought the thunder storms wouldn’t come until late in the day.  I got myself ready, packed my lunch etc. and just as I was about to leave I heard the THUNDER !  Aw Crap !!  Yet an hour later it was beautiful again so I decided to take a chance and off we went – keeping a very close eye on those very dark clouds further ahead.

It really is a beautiful country to be riding a motorcycle.  I passed this quaint little City of Greenwood, making a mental note to take a few hours on another day to spend some time strolling around there.  It is the smallest City in Canada.

Greenwood, BC, the smallest city in Canada, is Located on Highway #3 in the Kootenay Boundary region in southern British Columbia. The hub of gold mining exploration in the Boundary, Greenwood was incorporated in 1897. Between its colourful mining histories, beautiful heritage buildings and industrial ruins Greenwood has a great deal to offer any visiting tourist.

I wasn’t 15 kms past Greenwood when those dark clouds were getting far too close for my comfort level and then I saw the windshield wipers of the cars approaching me and they were ON.

Nope, Not going any further, I thought, so got myself turned around.  Back in Greenwood (where it was lovely and warm) I pulled into a spot to have my lunch and let Bennie run around.


The weather didn’t amount to anything – just a few sprinkles – and at least I did get out for a wee run.

Now TODAY the forecast was for bright and sunny and NO RAIN !!  So I planned to try that ride to Grand Forks again and spend the afternoon poking around.  Yet the skies looked very unsettled – it did rain – then it turned warm – and as I type this it is POURING outside !!  And I pulled the bike out a few hours ago.  CRAP !!!  Now my beautiful Harley is soaking wet !

OH BTW, The car lady is back.  As Steve said, she just comes and goes.  I figure she must have gone because it was the weekend and she didn’t want to be taking up a spot in case it was needed – as she isn’t paying.  She came back this morning and pulled into ‘her’ same spot.  And yes, she is sitting in her car.

Don (the Harley guy I met) dropped by this morning with his wife (Sherry ? ) and we had a lovely, but brief visit.  They are such nice folks. Unfortunately she has to go out of town on business this week and won’t be back until next weekend.  If I’m still here I’m hoping we’ll get a ride in.  I’m sure they know some great riding places around this area.


  1. That sounds like our weather and I hate it. We had a day and a half of sunshine and I got all excited. Now it's overcast and gray and supposed to rain but who knows. I hope your car lady has some books to read at least. What a sad life.

  2. I second you on the "damn weather." It's still pretty awful here in the Seattle area and I'm so tired of it. I'm taking off to Eastern Washington next week and I'm hoping it'll be nicer over there and warmer. It usually is.