Thursday, June 2, 2011


I haven’t been able to get much riding in lately – but my poor darling little Bennie has gotten NO riding in since we arrived back in Canada. “Mom, That has to change !  I want to ride !!” he screamed at me today.  Well what’s a Mom to do ??

It was a beautiful day (although I would have liked it a smidge warmer) so off we went.


I headed North on 97 this time towards Penticton.  I didn’t want to go all the way to Penticton, but rather try and find the place that I have selected as my next stop.  According to Google Maps I was to turn off 97 about 30 kms before Penticton.  And to no-one’s surprise I’m sure, I did not see this turn-off.  And YES, I was looking for it and not daydreaming !!  So ended up in Penticton.  Somewhere around ‘75 or ‘76 (ya I know – I was only about 2 years old then !!  LOL) I hitchhiked from B.C. back to Newfoundland.  I remembered stopping and tenting in Penticton.  Well let me tell you this little Town is now very, very big complete with all the box stores.  Certainly not the place I’m remembered it to be.

We took a short stop in the little town of Okanagan Falls.  Sure would be nice to have a place there right on the Lake huh.


Then continued on to Penticton.


I had pulled into a parking lot that required ‘payment’.  Pfffft !  I’m not doing that as I had only planned on staying a short while.  Got chatting with a guy that was there and he told me if I pressed the button I would get a ticket for one free hour.  And if I was still there after that, all I had to do was press the button again and I would get another free hour.  Yup, That works for me !!


I had packed a lunch (and treats for The Ben Man of course) but I wasn’t hungry so when I got back to Osoyoos I stopped at this little Park before heading back to the RV Park.  I sat on the bench and enjoyed the view while have my lunch – well at this point it was late in the afternoon so it was really an early dinner.  Several people stopped to chat while I was there.  As always, they were very intrigued that Bennie rides on the bike with me.




  1. I take it you never found the place you wanted to move to next?

  2. Did you stop at Tickleberries in OK Falls---for an ice cream cone ????? It's a must do.

    Rain all day today---to get nice tomorrow finally--you picked the right time to get out of town. My sister is in town & wasn't impressed.

    Happy riding---with your passenger. Lynn. Van.

  3. Betty, NO I never found the place.....and as my official tour guide and finder of entertainment I expect you to figure it out for me !! LOL

    Lynn, No Tickleberries ice cream....hopefully the next time.

  4. Definitely not surprised that you missed the turn. Maybe a gps with the coordinates might work. It helped us find the place we're parked. But I'm sure glad The Ben Man got his ride. I can't believe it's been that long. He must have been having withdrawal symptoms.

  5. Wow, what beautiful pictures.If you're still having problems with blogger, drop me an e-mail and maybe I can help you. I read the blogger forum for hours before I found my solution. I'm glad you're feeling better.

  6. Did you have to push and contort Bennie to fit in that carrier? He's a brave dog to get onto the back of a motorcycle, looking at where he's been, no less.

  7. No actually I don't. It really is plenty of room for him and he curls up and only uses 1/2 the space. He loves it and settles right down and looks around at everything. I know this because I've asked riders who are behind me.