Friday, June 3, 2011


What a great day today was – and what did I do ?  Nothing !  Zippo !  Zero !  Zilch !  Yup, Just the way I like it.  Relaxed around the 'house', took Bennie for a few strolls and that was about it.  Love it !

A couple of canoe people enjoying the beautiful day….


And a jet-ski (far left of pic)


There’s every type of ‘camper’ here at this Park.  From the smallest pup tent to the most expensive of Class A motorhome.


I had expected a stream of vehicles to come into the Park today for the weekend but strangely enough there wasn’t ??  The forecast for tomorrow is a high of 28C/82F and for Sunday it is a high of 30C/86F.  I sure won’t be complaining about the cold !  I’m gonna melt in that heat.  But I have a lovely shaded spot.


  1. Finally some nice weather---sun & heat---you got to love that---we sure have waited long enough for it. It's going to be 22 C in town--just right.

    No one is camping this weekend---as they are gearing up for the 2nd game of the Stanley Cup---tomorrow night---so they all want to be in front of their BIG screen TV's---& yes we are all pulling for the Vancouver Canucks!!!!!!

    Enjoy your nice shady spot. Lynn, Van.

  2. Lynn, Really ? I know hockey is on everybody's mind but that would keep them from going away on such a gorgeous weekend ??

  3. I'm with you Sassy - hockey or camping on a gorgeous week-end. Not much of a decision in my book. It's beautiful here in MT this week-end also. Everything is so green from all the rain and now with the sunshine - WOW.

  4. Hi D - How are you doing? I haven't been able to post to your blog for some reason. Not sure if this will work or not. It's Saturday night and Mom and I were wondering where you have parked yourself and Bennie