Monday, May 30, 2011


Sunday, May 29th


Today I finally felt well enough to start travelling again.  It sure seemed like a long time that I was sick.  Two solid weeks in fact.  I spent 4 weeks at “I & M RV Park” and yet only had the bike out twice and only saw a couple of old friends.  The weather and being sick prevented me from doing much. So I set sail today at the crack of noon.


As soon as we hit the road Bennie gets into his ‘position’…………..


This second picture was taken over an hour later……..


But thankfully that is all over now – I hope !!  I get on the Highway – put on TINA – adjust volume to BUST….



A few hours later I pass this sign that says “Caution – Bears in the area”.  Pfffft Obviously they mean deep in the woods and warning hikers etc.  NOPE, This big guy was right on the side of the Highway and was even considerate enough to be in a spot where there was space to pull over ….




I climbed to quite a high elevation 1,400 meters/4600ft. and started seeing that disgusting white stuff – and lots of it.  Hasn’t anybody told Mother Nature that it’s the end of May for chripes sake !!




 I pulled in to Bromley Rock Provincial Park tonight and I am the only one here.  I had hope nobody would come around to collect the $21.00 fee (for no hook-ups !!) but I wasn’t so lucky.  When the guy came by I put on my ‘shocked’ look and told him I thought it was free in off-season (which it is) and very innocently told him I thought the ‘season’ started June 1st.  LOL  He quickly told me it was 1/2 price for ‘Seniors’…… and he proceeded to write out the receipt for $10.50.  Now at my tender young age I’m not pleased to be mistaken for a ‘senior citizen’ – however, if it saves me money I can be OK with that real quick !!  LOL  After he took my license information and saw my plates he tells me that the 1/2 price is only for B.C. residents but he would still only charge me the 1/2 amount.  So Folks, from here on in when I’m staying at a Provincial Park, I’m not only going to be a Senior Citizen but also a B.C. resident.  I’ll just tell them I just moved here and haven’t gotten to changing my plates yet.




It is a very small campground (only 17 campsites) and each site is very small.  They have 3 ‘pull-thru’ sites and calling them that is a bit of a stretch.  LOL  This Park is on the Similkameen River which is nice, however, it is also directly off Highway 3 which is not so nice as there is quite a bit of traffic noise.

Also, There is no cell phone or Internet service.  GASP  !!

I’ll mosey on tomorrow and right now it’s going to be a surprise where ‘home’ will be as I haven’t a clue yet.  The drive from Abbotsford to here was amazing.  The mountain views are majestic.

I’m really hoping to find a great boondocking spot where I’ll hang my hat for a couple of weeks and explore around on the bike.


  1. Glad to see that you are finally feeling well enough to hit the road. You must have had terrible cabin fever---what with being sick & the lousy weather---what a bad combo.
    Hope you get to ride in the next couple of days & that you find a great parking spot.

    Take care, keep well, Lynn, Van. BC.

  2. One of the very few "joys" of getting older is the Senior discount. So take advantage of it every chance you get. So glad you are feeling well enough to get on the road. Bennie was probably wondering if he was every going to be able to smell new places again or not.

  3. Big time cabin fever Lynn !

    Sandie, I only get to hang onto "5" as the first digit for another year or so !! LOL

  4. So glad you're feeling better! Hey, for 10 bucks I claim the senior title without blinking an eye! Good on you!

    Happy Trails, forever!
    Cyndi and Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

  5. Good to know someone else likes the volume at BUST level when cruising down the road. :) Glad you're better and exploring again!